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What is the difference between wafer paper and frosting sheets by Icinginks

Apr 20,2018

What is a Wafer Paper? Blank wafer paper also called rice paper is a white sugar-free, semi-transparent, and edible paper that can be printed on with Icinginks Markers or through an edible printer that consumes edible inks. It is thin, smooth, and crispy but also strong to some extent. It is made up of potato starch, vegetable oil, and water along with harmless preservatives. The paper differs in size and thickness according to different brands.Icinginks sells 0.27 mm, 0.4 mm, and 0.6 mm thick wafer papers that are available in packs of 25/50 or 100 A4-sized sheets. Uses of Wafer Papers 1. It is useful for cutting out images, t Read More

How to make edible image candy apples by Icinginks

Apr 15,2018

Today, we are sharing how to make edible image candy apples in any color with you. Candy apples, also known as toffee apples, are fresh whole apples that covered with a hard coating of sugar candy or toffee covering with a stick in its center to pick it up. According to Icinginks™, the dessert is valuable for enjoying the fruits in a fantastically different way. You may customize it with selfies of you, your family members, kids or friends on it. How to make candy apples: You need the following items for preparing candy apples: • Fresh and big apples • Candy sugar • Light corn syrup • Freshwater • Any Food color Read More

How to make edible butterflies and flowers using Wafer Paper by Icinginks

Apr 09,2018

You may give surprise to your kids by presenting them edible butterflies, flowers, and butterfly decorated cakes on their birthdays. Butterflies are attractive insects that love flowers. They feed on nectar in flowers. The beautiful insects are often seen in gardens. The colorful themes of butterflies are also used to decorate cakes, pastries, and cookies too. The 3D shapes can be made by help of Icinginks Edible Wafer papers and edible printers. You need following tools to make the edible flowers and butterflies: 1. Colorless Wafer paper sheets 2. Edible Printer 3. Edible ink Cartridges 4. Scissors 5. Brush 6. Water 7. Edible Glue 8. Edible Read More

How to use Icinginks Edible Cleaning Cartridges?

Apr 06,2018

Edible ink printers are incredible tools for numerous bakeries across the world associated with advanced cake preparation and decoration. The Icinginks edible ink printers provide a smart solution to the custom decoration of your cakes and cookies or any dessert. The cake printers nowadays becoming an integral part of most bakeries and modern kitchens due to the increasing trend of personalizing foods.You can customize macarons, rice Krispy treats, chocolate-covered oreo’s, cookies, cake pops, candy apples, strawberries, cakes, cupcakes, etc. using edible cake printers. Let your creative imaginations guide you on the way. Edible print Read More