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How to Use Frosting Sheets

Mar 14,2017

Cakes can be decorated quickly and easily with edible frosting sheets. These decorations are simple to use and add a wow factor to a cake with little effort. Pre-designed pictures, for example, characters, birthday messages, etc., can be purchased to suit any celebration theme. With our custom printing service, you can turn a photo into an edible design for your cake to make it more unique. A frosted treat or cupcake can be pleasantly enhanced with a few smaller edible images. It doesn't matter how you use these edible frosting sheets; they're sure to amaze. Following the tips carefully is important when you buy edible sheets online. Here Read More

How To Color, Cut and Apply Frosting Sheets

Feb 21,2017

A frosting sheet is a printable, thin sheet of adaptable icing that clings effortlessly to buttercream, fondant, chocolate, isomalt, and royal icing. A plastic sheet holds the icing in place until you can work with it.If you want to color the matte surface of the icing sheet, you can use petals and shine cleans, shine sprays, food coloring markers, or a printer with edible inks. COLORING OF FROSTING SHEETS You can add color to an edible icing sheet in a few different ways: 1. Thin with clear alcohol or concentrates for bolder, soaked hues or apply with clean, dry paintbrushes for an obscure, shady appearance.2. Use implements a few inche Read More