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How to use Frosting Sheets with Edible Ink Printers?

Nov 22,2017

Frosting sheets, Icing sheets, or sugar sheets, have gained huge popularity due to the ease of application and potential. Made by thin layers of white icing sugar pressed onto a plastic or acetate backing, these sheets can be used on cookies, cakes, and more. The sheets can be printed using edible inks with an edible ink printer as easily as you would print on regular paper. This is how you get those amazing photo cakes or printed cakes. Be It your kid’s birthday or your wedding anniversary - a customized photo-printed cake is always a better idea to make them special. A photo cake made using Icinginks Frosting Sheets can charm your Read More

Exploring the Sweet Side of Printing: Getting Creative with Edible Ink Cartridges

Nov 07,2017

Forget chocolates that melt away and roses that wilt overnight – what if this Valentine's Day, you surprised your sweetheart with a treat they could treasure forever? No, we're not talking diamonds (though we wouldn't say no!), but something even sweeter: a dessert adorned with your love story, printed in vibrant edible ink, thanks to the revolutionary edible ink cartridges. These magical inks are transforming the way we personalize and decorate our culinary creations. Imagine, printing vibrant landscapes onto cupcakes, etching witty messages onto cookies, or adorning cakes with portraits of your loved ones – all with the flick Read More

Decorate Your Cake As You Wish Using Edible Ink Markers

Nov 06,2017

Edible Ink Markers are a versatile product that provides an enhanced degree of freedom to decorate cakes, cookies, and marshmallows or any food using edible ink. Baking experts use the modern concept of edible printing to decorate & add a personal or creative touch to their baked products. For those who doesn’t have an edible ink printer and too confused to choose an image for a photo cake, Icinginks Edible Ink Markers are the solutions. They are both fun and practical to use.Edible ink markers provide you the capability to design cakes and cookies with desired image or quote. To meet the diverse need of cake decoration, you can use Read More

How To Decorate A Cake With Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

Nov 01,2017

Printed chocolates are a favorite of all. But apart from designing your chocolate pieces, you can also create a cake covered with decorated chocolate. All you need is a printed chocolate transfer sheet and some melted chocolate. Having an awe-inspiring wrapped-up Chocolate Cake for your birthday is undeniably incredible. The wrapped up Chocolate cake may seem complicated, but proper guidance will let you finish the process smoothly and excitingly. Here’s an expert ICINGINKS guide for you on using Chocolate Transfer Sheets to decorate the top of your cake wrap with Chocolate. Before getting into the process, you must know what you are Read More