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10 Amazing & Easy Easter Desserts Anyone Can Make

May 11,2022

it doesn't matter if you are preparing for the brunch or the dinner, the desserts are the ultimate show stealers on Easter Sunday. You can have all kinds of dishes for the supper, but when it comes to desserts, they are definitely the most-awaited delicacies among all the Easter treats. If you happen to be someone who loves to bake cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, Easter is the occasion to put your baking skills to good use. There are endless possibilities when it comes to preparing Easter desserts, and here are a few ones that you must have to try this Easter: 1. Peeps Sunflower Cake Inspired by the sunflower, which is considered by man Read More

How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets for Adding Designs?

May 11,2022

We all love chocolates, there's absolutely no doubt there. Whether you are a kid, a teenager, an adult, or an elderly, you just can't say no to some delicious chocolates that dissolve in your mouth with an explosion of chocolaty goodness. In fact, even if you happen to be one of those rare ones who are not into chocolate much, you just can't say no to it once in a while! What can be better than chocolate? a chocolate cake, bar, or block that has an amazing design, of course! The intricate designs and patterns just add to the overall appeal of any chocolaty medium, doesn't it? To add such designs and patterns to chocolate is quite easy. Read More

Edible Cake Images: A Guide to Making Them

May 11,2022

If you are into baking, or more specifically, cake decorating, you must have seen cakes adorned with edible images. There is just something quite interesting about these cakes with all the custom images, logos, or any other printed design used as a topper, isn't it? What are these edible images? How are they made? What are they made of? How to use them in the right way? These are just a few questions you might have been wondering at times. That is why we have got this guide for you to not just understand how the edible cake images are made but also how to use them correctly and answer other such questions. What edible cake images are mad Read More