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How to Make Edible Flowers with Wafer Paper or Rice Paper

Feb 28,2018

Wonder how cake professionals create those gorgeous lively edible flowers? It's the magic of wafer sheets or rice papers. A flower-wreath cake can be prepared by using wafer sheets and colored edible ink printers. The sheets are colored on both sides to make the flower more natural-looking. You can make flowers with multiple colors as well. Different layers with separate shades including blue, yellow, and red in addition to green, orange, and pink, etc. add an extra oomph to the tasty edible flowers. How to Create Edible Flowers like Professional Cake Decorators? Print the wafer paper on both sides with an edible ink printer. After g Read More

A $1 Million life-sized bridal cake

Feb 23,2018

A life-sized $1million diamond and chocolate cake in the figure of an Arabian bride prepared recently. It, surprisingly, occupied the center stage at Dubai’s Bride Show and attracted every visitor on 7 February 2018. A $1 Million life-sized bridal cake was displayed at Dubai’s Bride Show recently The special cake was prepared by Debbie Wingham, a London-based expert, who has previously created the world’s most luxurious cake. The six-foot-tall wedding cake weighs 120 kg. It took 50 kg of fondant, 1000 eggs, and 25 kg of chocolate to be ready. It was spectacularly decorated with five precious 3-carat white diamonds, Read More

Life-sized birthday cake of twin sisters, a new idea of joy

Feb 20,2018

In the world of cake decoration, recently an unskilled baker has made life-sized models of her twin daughters while shaping it out of cake and decorating it with icings and colored edible inks. Lara Marson, 31, from Walsall, has spent over 100 hours while preparing the beautiful replicas of her daughters, Lily and Lyla. She said that she liked to make something differently special for the twin’s first birthday. The preparation took 3 kg of fondant icing, 44 eggs, 4 kg of buttercream, 5 kg of chocolate, and 2.2 kg of flour to bake. The little girls can be seen while dressed in pink tutus and white t-shirts printed with Happy Birthday slo Read More

How to celebrate your special Day for several days through printed cookies:

Feb 10,2018

Everyone likes a special event, not stop immediately but interestingly run for several days. Could you imagine your special day remembered for several days? Yes, it is possible now through personalized cookies, pastries, and cakes that you eat daily for your breakfasts and desserts. Cookies in forms of biscuits, pastries, and cakes are very healthy and tasty food items. They are loaded with a large number of calories as they contain dry fruits, milk creams, and proteins. Most of us love eating it nowadays. Don’t you prefer it? Birthdays and weddings are the two most valuable events in our life which we like to enjoy for many days even a Read More

Role of Edible Ink Markers in Stylish Cake Decoration

Feb 02,2018

Cakes are symbols of love, happiness, respect, and celebration. The delicious stuff is important for making fun & joy on numerous events in our modern society. A well-decorated cake makes a normal get-together into a celebration. On each event, there is always a distinctive design of a cake. Its attractive decoration really demands a blend of experience, art, and creativity. Icinginks plays a big role in cake decoration through providing a wide range of edible ink cartridges, edible ink markers, edible ink refills. The edible ink refills and markersare available in different colors. The Edible Ink cartridges and markers are an incr Read More