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A Guide to Removing the Edible Image from the Backing Paper

Aug 27,2019

Edible image printing helps you personalize your celebrations asides from being great fun to indulge in. However, most people new to edible printing have trouble transferring the edible image onto their cake, cupcake or cookie. Frosting sheets, in particular, have a thin layer of frosting and a plastic/translucent backing paper behind them. This paper needs to be peeled off so that the image settles onto the food surface. This article attempts to explain the procedure to be followed when removing the edible image from its backing paper. How is an Edible Image Printed?An edible image is printed on special inkjet printers that use edible ink s Read More

5 Ways to Decorate Edible Icing Sheets Other Than Printing Images

Aug 20,2019

Decorating cakes with edible icing sheets can produce some of the most amazing and beautiful cake art. Using different kinds of prints and making cutouts from them to enhance the appearance of your cake is always a good idea. However, do you know that there are so much more you can do with frosting sheets other than to print images on them?Icing sheets are in all aspects like ordinary printer papers, except of course they are edible. Therefore, you have the liberty to make art on them with different kinds of edible mediums like edible colors, edible pens, edible markers, etc.Creating art on sugar sheets gives a more handmade feel to the overa Read More

Icing Sheet or Wafer Paper – Which Edible Paper to Use and When?

Aug 19,2019

Have you ever seen a cake adorned with a photorealistic image or a breathtaking design that seems too good to eat? Well, that's the magic of edible paper! This innovative product transforms your cakes from delicious treats to edible works of art. But with two main edible paper options—icing sheets and wafer papers—you might wonder which one to choose for your next cake decorating project. Fear not! This blog will guide you in selecting the perfect option to bring your cake-decorating visions to life. Icing Sheets: The Champions of Color and Vibrancy Icing or frosting sheets are thin, edible paper of icing made from sugar, Read More

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Edible Image Printing

Aug 08,2019

We al alt="8 Do’s and Don’ts of Edible Image Printing"l know that in the world of sweets, looks and taste are everything. But how can we take our cakes to the next level and make them stand out from the crowd? Enter— edible paper printing! If you're dabbling in the world of edible paper printing, it's crucial to be extra mindful of how you use and implement it. With the health-conscious crowd rising, winning over your customer's trust and coming out on top in the confectionary game is important.  So, let's get creative and whip up some delicious goodies that look and taste amazing and leave us feeling guilt-fre Read More