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Cake Paints

Icinginks Cake Paint Colors are the ideal edible food coloring to use for any level of cake decoration. Icinginks products have been the preferred choice by master decorators for over many years!

Create detailed and intricate artwork with Icinginks edible markers, airbrush kits, and other tools. However, edible paints are just must-haves. At Icinginks, we offer a wide assortment of food colors, paints, and luster dust. So unleash your imagination on your favorite dessert with whatever colors you like. To put your imagination in colors, shape, and watch it in a materialize solid form is nothing less than magic. At Icinginks, we offer premium quality FDA-approved edible food-grade poppy paints as well.

Our range of edible food paint and liquid food coloring includes a variety of vibrant colors. If you need to dissolve the paints, do it with water or vodka. Don't worry about getting a buzz of vodka. The alcohol will evaporate as the paint dries. So when it is ready to eat, it will be non-alcoholic, and safe for kids' treats. You can also use the lemon extract for the base, but you may have a bit of a lemon taste on your final product.

Our edible paint can be applied using many different techniques including brushes for detailed work. We recommend using a quality sable brush or sponge. Sponge work also looks great on buttercream, fondant, and royal icing. Icinginks provides edible water activated colors – multi color palettes and individual color palettes both! The edible water activated colors have two variants –

1. Metallic Rainbow (light silver, hot pink, fairy floss pink, charcoal, green tea, sun kissed gold, mandarin orange, banana yellow, ocean blue, and dark rose)
2. Metallic Gold & Silver (rose gold, silver, glamorous gold, honey gold, pearl white, gunmetal gray, pure gold, burnt bronze, light silver, and champagne gold)

Use the edible color palette the same as your any watercolor palettes. The palette will dry up over time, so be sure to continue adding water from your brush as you go to keep your paste consistency; once-over strokes are best, so try to think about what you are painting before you start; two coats are best; paint your first coat and let dry (takes a short time to dry); when dry – paint over!

The paint bottles however are ready to use straight away. No need to thin it out or mix it with any other ingredients. Once applied, it dries in no time and the pigment is sealed within the surface - no dust or smudges!

Choose Icinginks Poppy Paints for Matte to Semi-Gloss Finish on Chocolate, Isomalt, Ganache, Candy Melts, Cookies, Macarons, Royal Icing, Glaze Icing, Fondant, Gumpaste, Wafer Paper, Candy, Modeling Chocolate. It’s an alcohol-based food paint that dries fast. Without a gap, i.e., in a single sitting, you can create a multi-layer impressive design.

To get a bold vibrant design like the painted rainbow cookies you drool over on social media, make the paint as concentrated as possible. If you put too much liquid on your baked good, it will start to erode the surface and leave an indent. Another fun idea is splatter painted sugar cookies.

Apart from the classic Edible Art Primary Paints, we have Icinginks Edible Art Pastel Paint, Edible Art Metallic Color Paint, Water Activated Paints, Edible Art Metallic Lusters, etc.

These edible paints are quite easy to use and are 100% safe to consume. These Icinginks Sweet Sticks - Edible Art Paints allow you to create finer forms of art like trees, flowers, or landscapes on the cake. The pastel paints allow making layers and blending vivid colors to create a soft and sophisticated look.