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Halloween Desserts: Learn Tactics For Stunning Desserts

Oct 25,2018

October means Halloween and the celebration is all about Halloween desserts and candies. Dressed in scary costumes like a ghost, witch, fairies, human skeleton or cartoon characters, etc., cute little monsters demand only treats. On this special night, kids shout “trick-or-treat” which means the grownups will face a prank if they do not offer them candy. How can anyone refuse to give treats to the children! If you are also a cool grownup who loves to make creative Halloween desserts for family and the kids, here are some techniques you can use. Print Stunning Halloween Edible Images: You may take advantage of Pre-cut circle f Read More

Know if you can Print Edible Photos with a Regular Inkjet Printer

Sep 30,2018

Our clients who use inkjet printers often ask if they can use them for edible printing. An Edible Ink Printer is quite different from a normal copier you use at home or in the office. Inkjet printers that are contaminated with normal ink cannot be used for edible printing since they contain portions of non-edible chemicals, which are toxic and harmful to your health. Use an Edible Ink Printer Instead of a Regular Printer Epson and Canon, two printer manufacturing giants, also do not recommend using edible inks instead of regular inks since regular inks are toxic. Also, regular printers are not technically designed to be used with frosti Read More

How to bring eggs & butter to room temperature fast to prepare a birthday cake

Sep 13,2018

You might be stunning by knowing how to bring butter and eggs to room temperature fast for quick preparation of your next recipe. We’ve got just what you need to find out the most suitable method for you. If you’ve ever wondered how to set butter and eggs to a room temperature soon immediately after removing it from a freezer, then it is a handy way to simply allow them to sit at room temperature. It is a no-brainer trick for you, right? But this method is usually applied when you suddenly required preparing a bakery item and you have ice cold butter and eggs in your freezer. Moreover, if a recipe calls for room temperature butter Read More

Home vs. Pro: Choosing the Right Edible Ink Printer for Your Needs

Sep 05,2018

Imagine you're decorating a cake and want to add a personalized touch. With an edible ink printer, you can print photos, logos, or messages directly onto edible sheets, transforming your creation into a masterpiece. However, choosing the right edible ink printer can be daunting, especially with many available options. Fear not! We will help you navigate the world of edible ink printers and make an informed decision that fits your needs and budget. Understanding Your Needs Before diving into specific models, ask yourself these crucial questions: What will you use the printer for? Home baking fun? Professional bakery needs? Different p Read More

How to remove backing layers from edible images on frosting sheets

Sep 04,2018

Have you ever encountered a frustrating situation while removing the plastic backing layer from an edible image printed on a frosting sheet? Don’t worry, it is a common issue. We provide you with a permanent solution to it while resolving its various issues. We will mention some techniques for it. Both simple Frosting sheets and Pre-Cut frosting sheets contain an inedible plastic backing layer. What causes the icing to stick to its plastic backing layer? Room conditions: The humidity content in your room becomes the main reason for getting frosting sheets stuck to its backing. The icing coating on a frosting sheet generally contains Read More

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe To Win All Hearts

Jul 13,2018

A cake is an essential dessert to enjoy birthdays, weddings, or any other event. There are many flavors and pastry chefs have made several cake recipes, chocolate remains the most popular. Both children and grownups love the chocolate flavor. Here’s a delicious recipe for a perfect chocolate cake you must try. Why you should trust us? Because we are the experts of the bakery industry. Icinginks deals in a variety of edible ink printers, tools, and materials that support advanced cake decoration. Cover the chocolate cake with smooth chocolate buttercream to win over more hearts. Here’s how to make the best chocolate cake and ch Read More

How to Fix an Edible Ink Printer for Printing Abnormal Colors?

May 31,2018

Need help with your edible ink printer for printing quality images and designs? Do your edible ink cartridges run dry more often than expected? Don't worry; follow our lead! We are here to solve all your edible ink printer problems.Edible ink printers support edible printing at homes and confectionaries. Modern printers have the potential to print edible images on frosting sheets or wafer papers while working on edible inks.  Improper Color Combination The printer may go out of order when it starts printing improper colors that are not parallel to the original image whose exact copy you want to print on Read More

Let us salute to our Fallen Heroes on the Memorial Day 2018 in a different way

May 27,2018

Memorial Day, also known as Decoration Day is a federal holiday in the USA. It is celebrated to remember and honor fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives while serving in the nation’s armed forces. It is observed on the last Monday of May every year. It will be held on May 28, 2o18 this year. The Icinginks also offers Military benefits to those who are serving in the defense of the nation or inactive reservists. They can celebrate their birthdays, special events, and also Memorial Day happily. They may get special discounts on its products such as edible ink printers, markers, and frosting sheets. They may also avail its edible printi Read More

Foolproof Your Cakes: Top Baking Mistakes to Watch Out For

May 24,2018

Imagine a stunning cake – beautifully frosted, perfectly risen, and adorned with a custom edible image that steals the show. Edible image printing services allow you to personalize your cakes with logos, photos, or messages, adding a unique touch that takes your cakes from delicious to extraordinary. But before you get to the decorating stage, ensuring you've baked a flawless cake as the foundation is crucial. The good news is that many common baking mistakes have simple solutions! This blog will guide you through some frequent pitfalls and equip you with the knowledge to bake a show-stopping cake every time. Baking 101: Avoiding Com Read More

A new idea to make an edible Mr. & Mrs. Canvas for your wedding cake topper by Icinginks

May 18,2018

A wedding is a very special occasion for couples. Edible images are the newest trend in cake decorating. It is normal for to-be-wed couples to choose an edible Mr. & Mrs. banner that can be seen vertically on top of their wedding cake. According to Icinginks' new innovations, it would be best to include their surname too. When it becomes difficult for them to select a design, they can prepare it with an edible printer and a laptop, as opposed to buying it online. They may print their last name on it in any font style that they wish to write. This will reflect their individual style. A beautiful banner can also be printed using cake topp Read More