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How to Use Edible Paints?

Apr 16,2020

Edible Paints make everything look beautiful whether it is cake, cookie or any other savory. Wondering how to use edible colors to make your food look beautiful and tasty at the same time. Whenever you are working edible paint, understanding the correct use of this food coloring is essential. While most bakers use liquid color, there are various options for coloring food as each has its own benefits and whims. Here are a few tips to use edible paints correctly: 1. Icinginks edible paint comes in a small bottle which is easy to hold. Shake the bottle well as shaking ensures the liquid and solid ingredients mix together to form a good densi Read More

How to Paint Fondant With Food Coloring

Jan 31,2020

Not just can you shape your fondant the way you want but also complement the design with the right colors. Here is how to do it smartly. There are two ways: transferring image from an edible sheet, or applying poppy paints directly on to its surface. Whatever you choose, you need to get the fondant ready in the first place. Making the fondant well The fondant serves as the foundation of your cake decoration; hence, it must be prepared well using the right ingredients. There are two types of fondant, viz., poured and rolled. You need the latter to decorate it with paint. Glucose sugar, water and corn syrup are the usual ingredients but to m Read More

What Is the Difference Between the Lustre & Water Activated Food Paints?

Dec 13,2019

If cake, cupcake and cookie decoration art interest you and you want to make use of edible foot paints to make your yummy edible products look impressive, you should know the answer. Here are 10 key differentiating factors. Factors Lustre Food Paints Water Activated Food Paints Physical Look Aqueous (paste), powder or solid granules Aqueous (paste) Solvent Type (The product you use to dilute or dissolve the paint will serve as the solvent) They can be dissolved easily in human-consumable alcohol. Chemically there are three variants - isopropyl, methyl, and ethyl, but only last one is suitable for consumption and is made Read More

A Guide to Edible Food Color Types and How to Use Them

Nov 15,2019

Making art, no matter in whatever form is a pleasure that is incomparable to any other hobby. To put your imagination in colors and shape and watching it materializing in a solid form is nothing less than magical.In more recent times, numerous variations of art have emerged throughout the globe, being influenced by respective cultures, traditions, and geography. One such art is food decorating that has become massively popular since the last century.Food decoration, more specifically, dessert decoration, includes several types of mediums that can be used to make art on desserts like cakes, cupcakes, cocktail toppers, and cookies. One of the m Read More