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Edible Ink Safety: What You Need to Know Before Decorating

Dec 22,2023

In recent years, cake decorating and edible printing have surged, allowing bakers and enthusiasts to transform edible creations into personalized masterpieces. One of the key components enabling this trend is edible ink, a specially formulated type of ink used in food printers. However, as with any food-related product, understanding the safety considerations surrounding edible ink is crucial before starting with edible decorations.  Understanding Edible Ink Edible ink is a specialized type of ink manufactured specifically for food decoration. It is primarily used in edible printing, such as decorating cakes, cookies, and other confe Read More

Ultimate Guide to Use Edible Ink Pens and Markers

Aug 09,2021

Think how wonderful it feels to use a pen and markers to draw a design. Wish if you could do the same to decorate cakes and cookies. Those small spots and details can do wonders. It’s possible because of the Edible Ink Pens and Markers. Using these edible markers, you can draw in beautiful royal icing or even buttercream frosting. Here is everything you need to know about Edible Ink Pen and Markers. What are the Ideal Surfaces for an Edible Pen? The concept of the edible pen is that it can be used as easily as regular markers on any regular solid surface. Clearly, the edible pens need a solid smooth surface to write on. It cannot be a Read More

What is the Difference between Edible Food Colorings & Edible Inks?

Aug 04,2021

Edible Food Coloring & Edible Inks are essentially not the same. Many of our customers often ask why should they buy edible inks while the edible food colors are much pocket-friendly. The answer is simply that these two are fundamentally different. Let’s dig in. What Are Edible Food Colorings Or Cake Art Paints? Edible food colorings are safe to consume colors, majorly available in two variants - Poppy Paints and Edible Art Paints. Both can be used to add interesting colors to any food, even the savory ones. The poppy paints dry way faster, In like 30-60 seconds, compared to the edible art paints that can take upto 24 hours. So, Read More

How to Use Edible Ink to Print Pictures on Cake or Food

Jan 14,2020

If you want to create your cake or any other confectionary item for a family or social celebration, but think you can’t make it impressive, you could be wrong! Spare a few minutes to learn the decoration idea using edible ink and derive the confidence you need. 1.    Get Everything at One Place From edible food printer to edible ink printer sheet to edible ink itself – you need all to print pictures you want on your cake or food. When you invest in edible supplies, you should be a little smart. Do not get tempted by lucrative offer. Instead, buy what you need. Going with a combo printer offer that helps you get al Read More

How To Refill Edible Ink Cartridges

Mar 20,2017

Edible inks, a unique blend of food coloring specifically designed for printing on frosting sheets, wafer paper and chocolate transfer sheets, add a vibrant touch to cake decorations. These inks are formulated to retain their color on edible sheets. If you're a cake decorator using an edible printer, you've probably realized that refilling your ink cartridges is a great way to save money. Our interactive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of refilling your edible ink cartridges, helping you create beautiful, cost-effective cake designs. Step 1: Gather Your Supplies To begin refilling your edible ink cartridges, you'll n Read More