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5 Advantages of using Airbrush for Painting Cakes

Feb 16,2022

Using an airbrush for decorating cakes has several advantages and creative freedom that other mediums might not be able to provide. Painting the cake surface and sides with an airbrush gun not only allows you to design different patterns and color gradients but also lets you mix the colors to create new and unique shades. Here are 5 benefits of using an airbrush for painting cakes that give you creative freedom with edible colors: 1. Mixing different food colors to create hybrid colors Even though you can create hybrid colors on your own by mixing different colored fondants or using food coloring, this process would require a lot more wo Read More

Designer Cake Ideas to Surprise your Sweetheart this Valentine

Feb 10,2022

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Those in a relationship are exploring an infinite number of options to surprise the love of their lives on February 14, while those, still in search of that 'one' person, are looking for a way to propose and pour their heart out. Since every person has their own likings and interests, more often than not it can get a bit difficult to guess what exactly can make the day special for him/her, unless you know them inside out. Though at times, even when you think you know your partner best, there is always a possibility of discovering new about them! That’s why getting them something that is widely l Read More

10 Best Valentine's Day Cocktails That Are Love at First Sip

Feb 08,2022

Love is always worth celebrating, no matter whatever the relationship is. When it comes to Valentine's Day, celebrating it in a way that becomes memorable for years to come is something that couples look forward to across the globe. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in numerous ways according to the individual preferences, to each his/her own. However, to begin the celebration with a fun and flirty cocktail is always a great idea, isn’t it? After all, who doesn’t like to toast to new beginnings with a cocktail that is going to set the mood of the celebration! To make sure that you are stocked with the right kind of cocktails Read More

A Quick Checklist for Cake Decorating Items

Feb 02,2022

So, you’re all done with baking that delicious cake for the upcoming party. And you are waiting for that moment when your guests bite into a slice of it and their eyes widen as that tasty bite melts inside their mouth.  But hey, baking is just half the job done. The cake needs to be decorated appropriately for the occasion! A succulent cake is the king of the desserts and steals the spotlight at any party or celebration. However, you can make it not only a delicious treat but also a memorable one by decorating it in various ways. Before you serve it to your guests, here’s a quick checklist for cake decorating items that Read More