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Sweet Sticks - Edible Art Paints

Best to Use Incredible Edible Paint Sets to Express Your Artistic Side When Decorating Cakes and Cookies.

No other hobby can compare to the joy of creating art, regardless of its form. It is nothing short of magical to visualize something in color and shape and watch it come to life. And that's exactly what our edible art paint do! Give your desserts a lively makeover with a variety of edible art paints, and let your dessert do the talking!

What is Edible Art Paint?

Icinginks’ edible art paints are like normal paint but for cakes. They are safe to consume and adds life to your dessert. They can either be used to create different types of drawings, typographic typefaces, and designs, or they can be used to paint on the food surface. The food colors enhance the aesthetic of the delicacies and, like regular art paints, add a special appeal to the surface on which they are put.
Once dry, the paint is smudge-free and hassle-free. The hue is accurate. You get exactly what you see.

Safe to Consume

The edible art paints are free of chemicals and any added preservatives. They are made according to the high manufacturing standards. Each and every edible paint is food-grade, FDA-approved, Kosher certified, devoid of nuts, gluten, and other allergens, and it has no negative side effects.

Available in Various Types

  • Edible Art Primary Paint: These edible art paints in the basic colors are ideal to start if you want to try your hand at cake decorating. These edible art paints work best for creating cheerful faces or paintings on desserts. Available in White, Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red colors.
  • Edible Art Pastel Paint: These edible pastel hues are the finest if you want to decorate cakes with finer arts like trees, flowers, or landscapes. Pastel paints are the best for creating layers and combining vibrant colors to achieve a delicate and refined effect. White, Black, Gray, Peach, Baby Pink, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Blue, and Pastel Green are available in pastel art paint set.
  • Edible Art Metallic Color Paint: On cakes and other delicacies, these edible metallic hues generate brilliant, glittering artwork. They metallic edible art paints are perfect to use on the cake tops at a party, wedding, anniversary, etc. Metallic paints are available in Gun Metal Grey, Light Silver, Pearl White, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Glamorous Gold, Sunkissed Gold, and Burnt Bronze.

Easy-to-Use for Multiple Dessert Decoration

It's really simple to use these ready-to-use edible art paints. Paints fondant, buttercream cakes (chilled), royal icing, sugar cookies, marshmallows, gold leaf, deco magic, confectionery, ganache, modelling chocolate, and more with a simple shake, pour, and paint method. There are numerous methods for applying edible paint, including brushes for fine work. A high-quality sable brush or sponge is advised by the manufacturer; sponge work also looks fantastic on buttercream, fondant, and royal icing.

Important Tips:

  • Consume in solid form only.
  • Use paper towels, baby wipes, or hot, soapy water to clean used brushes.

STORAGE: Store in a dry, cool place and keep away from children.