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Edible Sugar Sheets: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Aug 24,2023

The only thing better than a cake is a cake decorated with some amazing, eye-catching, and captivating images or logos. Having a cake for your guests at a birthday party is memorable, but a customized picture of you, your friends, and your family enhances the great memories tenfold. What are edible sugar sheets/icing sheets?  To use an edible image for decorating a cake, you would need an edible sheet printed with your favorite image. There are several types of edible sheets available out there.  However, one of the best ones is the edible sugar sheets, also known as icing papers. These are easy to print with an edible printing Read More

How to Use Wafer Papers for Halloween Desserts

Oct 21,2021

“Spooky, scary skeletons Send shivers down your spine Shrieking skulls will shock your soul Seal your doom tonight!” If you just can't stop humming to this forever classic by Andrew Gold, there's good news – It's Halloween season! Yes, the month of October is here and it has more than one reason to be in a festive mood. Besides bringing the true essence of the fall season, it also marks that time of the year when we wait for that magical, mystical night, full of pumpkins and white ghosts, and owls and all kinds of night creatures. Even though Halloween is the festival of spirits, there is hardly anything horrifying ab Read More

All You Can Do with Wafer paper: Icinginks Guide

Sep 29,2021

We have talked enough about what are Wafer Papers and what are they made of. If you are new to Icinginks and to cake decorations altogether, check out the end of the blog for references. Today I am going to tell you everything you can do with the edible wafer sheets. They are made with all edible materials and look like regular paper. You can fold them, mold them and decorate them at your will. You can paint or print on them with the right tools & supplies. Working with the versatile edible sheets you need to keep a few tools handy. For the very basic edible decorations to craft, you will need edible glue, edible paints, and a pair o Read More

How to Store Edible Sheets for Image Decorations

Sep 18,2020

When we personalize our gifts, they are fondly remembered for years.  Custom-decorated edible sheets for special occasions are a sure-shot way of winning hearts!However, sometimes taking care of edible sheets used for these decorations can be challenging.For best results, you can buy edible icing paper and frosting sheets from Icinginks that are best in quality and are FDA approved. Let’s address some difficulties faced by users while decorating their cakes, cookies, and cupcakes with edible frosting sheets and wafer papers. This article will help you with storing the edible papers the right way. DO NOT refrigerate No matter Read More

How in Different Ways You Can Use Icing Sheets?

May 28,2020

Decorating cakes with icing sheets is a very effective and easy technique. You can create amazing cake designs with them. Edible sheets are used for creating vibrant designs on the cakes for decades. Using different kinds of prints and making cutouts from them to enhance the appearance of your cake is always a good idea. Also known as frosting sheets, these can be used in many ways.Icing sheets are in all aspects like ordinary printer papers, except of course they are edible. Therefore, you have the liberty to make art on them with different kinds of edible mediums like edible colors, edible pens, edible markers, etc.What are Edible Icing She Read More

Frosting Sheets or Wafer Sheets – What Works Best for Decorating Cakes

Apr 02,2020

When it comes to decorating cakes, there is a multitude of ways to add some flair to your baked masterpiece. But over the years, edible images have gained immense popularity.  It is a creative technique to print images onto edible sheets, such as frosting sheets or wafer sheets, to create stunning, personalized designs that are sure to impress. On top of that, for an attractive and delicious finish, edible icing is used to decorate cakes. Two main types of edible sheets are available on the market: Frosting Sheets and Wafer Sheets. However, one must consider some important factors when selecting the right type of edible sheet.&n Read More

How Far in Advance can you Apply an Edible Image on a Cake?

Mar 20,2020

Edible sheets are an innovation that came into existence with printers that could print on sugar sheets. There are several factors that influence the quality and stability of your edible sheets and how the final result looks after a certain time. Read on to know more: Storage Conditions To begin with, edible sheets should be stored properly to retain its objective of staying fresh and be easy to peel off. Any contact with moisture will damage the sheet and make it difficult to apply on your frosting or cake surface. Even though edible sheets have a shelf life of 6-12 months when stored in ideal conditions such as storage in secure airlock Read More

How to Use Edible Sheets to Create Decorative Cakes & Cookies?

Feb 13,2020

Look or taste - what is most appealing aspect about a chocolate? In fact, both contribute to its worth. However, in the first instance, it’s the look that triggers the psychological feeling and craving inside us. Food companies control the mind of consumers with texture and design. Here are five ways to make it happen with edible sheet chocolate decoration. #1. Use Edible Sheets to Create a Neat-N-Clean Design We all know how important hygiene is for good health. Cheers! It does wonders for your bakery products too. With a clean decorative idea, you can make your chocolate not just more attractive but more loveable. Edible printers Read More

Icing Sheet or Wafer Paper – Which Edible Paper to Use and When?

Aug 19,2019

Cakes make every occasion special, no surprise there, and if those cakes look good, it enhances your delight as well as the craving for them too. Whether it is the frosting, the decoration, the colors or certain shapes and figures, fancy, glitzy cakes have always been the show stoppers at all kinds of parties.As you must have already known, there are numerous methods to decorate your cake. However, one of the popular decoration methods remains using edible images. Different kinds of edible images of shapes, sizes, and colors can be printed on edible papers.Good quality edible sheets produce vivid and vibrant colors, which are as real as Read More

What Are The Components, Qualities, and Uses of High-Quality Edible Papers?

Jan 08,2019

You can print edible icing sheets and wafer papers using Icinginks specialized edible printers and edible inks. Edible papers can be applied to all types of cake icings. There are different types of edible papers available in the market. Our frosting papers are extra special due to their easy-to-use nature and super white surface, best suitable for any edible print. Icinginks frosting sheets’ texture is much softer and produces very vibrant colors when printed with Icinginks edible ink. What Is Edible Paper? An edible paper is a fundamental material for Edible Ink Printing.It is available in different thicknesses and sizes.It is kno Read More