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Edible Pens

Rich and Vibrant Edible Pens and Markers for Cake and Cookie Decoration

Unleash your creativity on the cake for your loved ones with these high-quality Icinginks edible pens with long lasting vibrant colors.

The Icinginks premium quality edible pens and edible markers are a fun way to add dazzling colors to your text. Icinginks offers premium quality edible pens, edible markers, fun way to add dazzling color to your text and messages on fondant, royal icing designs, cookies, and many more foods (even bread, fruit, cheese, and toaster pastries!).

Use these markers just as you would use a regular ink marker. These edible ink pens have given you more options to decorate cookies, cakes, marshmallows and other foods which have a smooth, dry surface, such as iced cookies, marzipan, donuts, fondant, hard chocolate, marshmallows, bagels, pita bread, crackers or wafers, and other smooth, dry foods.

You could even use Icinginks edible markers to write on a plate and surprise your guests at dinner or dessert! Make sure to wipe the tip clean with a damp paper towel after use and store with other food items so as not to confuse regular markers with them.

Ingredients include purified water, propylene glycol, coloring (yellow #5 or #6, red #40 or #3, blue #1) and one or more of the following: sodium benzoate, citric acid, methylparaben or propyl paraben as preservatives. The edible ink of these markers and pens is sugar-free.