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How to Use Edible Paints?

Apr 16,2020

Edible Paints make everything look beautiful whether it is cake, cookie or any other savory. Wondering how to use edible colors to make your food look beautiful and tasty at the same time. Whenever you are working edible paint, understanding the correct use of this food coloring is essential. While most bakers use liquid color, there are various options for coloring food as each has its own benefits and whims. Here are a few tips to use edible paints correctly: 1. Icinginks edible paint comes in a small bottle which is easy to hold. Shake the bottle well as shaking ensures the liquid and solid ingredients mix together to form a good densi Read More

Frosting Sheets or Wafer Sheets – What Works Best for Decorating Cakes

Apr 02,2020

When it comes to decorating cakes, there is a multitude of ways to add some flair to your baked masterpiece. But over the years, edible images have gained immense popularity.  It is a creative technique to print images onto edible sheets, such as frosting sheets or wafer sheets, to create stunning, personalized designs that are sure to impress. On top of that, for an attractive and delicious finish, edible icing is used to decorate cakes. Two main types of edible sheets are available on the market: Frosting Sheets and Wafer Sheets. However, one must consider some important factors when selecting the right type of edible sheet.&n Read More