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How to Print a Custom Picture or Design for a Cake at Home?

Jun 03,2022

Nothing beats having a customized cake at an occasion that not only matches the theme of that particular occasion but also is visually pleasing to your guests. That's why edible image cakes have been one of the most popular cakes for any kind of occasion lately, be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or a corporate event.You must have seen these cakes with certain photographs on them. Have you ever thought about how exactly it is done? In this article, we are going to let you know exactly that! 1. Searching for the right image for printing Undoubtedly, the very first thing that you’ll be needing is the picture that you want to put o Read More

How to use Edible Shimmer on Cakes

Jun 02,2022

Cakes can look really amazing with a ?little added shimmer to highlight the design or just to create glamour and fun. Shimmer, also known as sparkle, is non-toxic and completely edible. Some of the most popular shimmer and glitter available at cake shops are sanding and coarse sugars, luster dust, edible glitter, and metallic sprays. Each of these products creates a different look on your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. 1. Sanding and Coarse Sugar These decorative sugars have bigger grains than ordinary sugar grains and they have sparkle properties. They are available in various colors. Using them is pretty simple. Just sprinkle them on cak Read More

5 Things You Should Know About Edible Images

Jun 01,2022

We all love edible image cakes, there is absolutely no doubt about that. After all, who won’t love a cake that has their favorite picture on it on a birthday or a wedding anniversary or that has an edible logo of the company on certain corporate occasions? Have you ever thought about how these images are made on the cake and why or how they are edible? Here are 5 super fun facts about edible images that you are definitely going to enjoy reading. 1. What are edible images? First thing first, edible images are actually images printed on edible sheets such as icing sheets that are edible and can be used to decorate the surface of Read More