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Wine and Cookies: 5 Fabulous Pairings

Jul 26,2022

We all love cookies. Whether you are a kid or an adult, it’s kind of difficult to resist a cookie when it’s offered, isn’t it? One of the many great things about the cookie is, that it goes well with a lot of delicious food. Whether it is ice creams or hot cocoa or coffee or just milk, a cookie can be paired with your favorite beverage and it only makes it more enjoyable. Cookies also pair quite well with some less usual beverages, such as wine! Yes, you read that right. We might not be thinking of cookies and wine at the same time, but you will be surprised how great they go hand-in-hand. Here are 5 really amazing wine Read More

How To Plan A Party Last moment With Online Cake & Cookie Supply Stores?

Sep 14,2021

My my my! It’s a birthday! Where’s the cake? Did you forget to plan? Wait! Don’t panic. Here in this article, I’m not explaining how to plan a party but how to arrange one on short notice. We are going to explore two situations of last-minute planning. One is when you have just the final day and one where you have 2-3 days in hand. These tips will help with any kinds of parties, including birthdays, memorials, farewells, special occasions, or corporate events. No matter what the scenario, you are going to need some basic party Items such as, A guest list. Since we are talking about a last-minute arrangement, you Read More

5 Decoration Tips with Edible Ink for the Baking Professionals

Feb 13,2020

Decoration ideas can make a big difference to your sales and customer satisfaction. Edible ink can be applied in three ways: transferring through edible sheets, using edible marker, and using poppy paints. Icinginks presents 5 decoration tips with edible ink, which you can apply depending upon the consumer’s demand. 1.    Use Edible Designing Software   Like Photoshop and similar software for conventional creative designers, there are edible designing software for baking professionals. Experiment with your creativity and get amazing edible images in no time. While some edible suppliers may ask you to pay for the Read More

A Beginner Guide for Ultimate Cake and Cookie Decoration

Oct 30,2019

No celebration in life is complete without cakes and cookies. Fancy cake and cookie decorations might have made your heads turn at restaurants and street confectioners. If those delicious sights challenge your creativity, follow this beginner guide by Icingink’s edible design artists for ultimate cake and cookie decorations. Everything starts with the right shapeNo matter what recipe you try to make the cake batter, the shape of the cake matters and complements to the overall cake decoration. Therefore, the selection of cake or cookie pan or tray is important. Make sure it’s non-sticky. Straight edge pans are good to go for shapi Read More

How to Decorate Cookies using Edible Sheets

Oct 30,2019

Creativity has no limit and with the high-quality FDA-complaint edible sheets from Icinginks, it comes true. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Eve celebration, or any other occasion, edible sheets help you making awe-inspiring designs on cookies. 1.   Shape your raw ideas with blank frosting sheets  You came across some cookie decoration videos on YouTube, culinary blogging site, or at your nearby confectionary store. or got a brand-new idea that originated in your mind from nowhere. Now you want to make it yours. Blank frosting sheets can make it happen. A frosting sheet Read More