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How in Different Ways You Can Use Icing Sheets?

May 28,2020

Decorating cakes with icing sheets is a very effective and easy technique. You can create amazing cake designs with them. Edible sheets are used for creating vibrant designs on the cakes for decades. Using different kinds of prints and making cutouts from them to enhance the appearance of your cake is always a good idea. Also known as frosting sheets, these can be used in many ways.Icing sheets are in all aspects like ordinary printer papers, except of course they are edible. Therefore, you have the liberty to make art on them with different kinds of edible mediums like edible colors, edible pens, edible markers, etc.What are Edible Icing She Read More

Edible Luster Dust - How Is It Used

May 27,2020

Gone are the days of boring plan cakes, cookies, and other desserts. Add shimmer and shine to your cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and even coffees with edible luster dust. Most luster dust is labeled non-toxic which means it won't harm you if consumed. To be safe, use edible luster dust brands that are FDA Approved.The edible dust sticks well to fondant and gum paste. It can be used to add a hint of color and glittery highlight to frostings and icings. Use it dry, mix it with other colors, or brush it on with alcohol-based liquids like flavored extracts. Make life sweeter and your desserts shimmer with the design!        & Read More

Different Types of Birthday Cakes You Can Make for Your Children

May 20,2020

Looking for cake ideas for your kid’s birthday?Well, we have got you covered! Whether you are thinking of a basic cake or a tropical island cake, we have got the cake inspirations for you.We have made a list of some of the most amazing yet exciting cakes to choose from and they have all got the WOW-factor. These cakes are easy to make. Some of these cakes are a fun twist on a traditional cake – my kids love to mix it up and try different things. Watch your kid’s happiness when they spot the birthday cake baked by you.Rainbow cakePerfect for a party, you will be proud to bake this rainbow-speckled cake. Make colorful layers u Read More

How to Make Edible Drink Toppers?

May 04,2020

Make your drink more intense with edible drink toppers. The toppers work best on frothy and creamy surfaces. Cappuccino, latte, smoothie, and frothy cocktails.  Made from corn-based fondant material and edible inks, cocktail toppers are fun, vibrant, and ready to set the mood on any occasion. Icinginks Cocktail Toppers come in a variety of designs with customizing options. Icinginks edible toppers are made of edible ink and corn-based baking fondant and can be customized with your images to make any occasion memorable. They come in an assortment of pre-defined cocktail designs plus you have an option to mail or upload the image with you Read More