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Spooky Deliciously Halloween Cakes

Oct 28,2017

The wait is over, 31st October or the day of the dead is coming. Along with it streets full of children dressed as monsters and kids asking for “Trick or Treat” will also occur. This Halloween delight little ghouls, surprise your child and make your friends think you are a cake master by making a Spooky Monster Halloween cake using ICINGINKS Frosting Sheets and Edible Ink Printers. As soon as the Monster Festival aka Halloween the Day of the Dead ends, it's time to celebrate the day with your family and friends. The best way to celebrate the festival is to carve a cake into a freaky looking monster; plus you need not be afraid, th Read More

5 Nights with ICINGINKS Halloween Cakes

Oct 27,2017

Just eight days are remaining for Halloween, and the fever for doing something special in the festival is increasing with every passing second. Make this Halloween an extraordinary and memorable moment, by making a Monster Cake, with the help ICINGINKS Edible Printers and print an edible image of your favorite monster or skeletons to put on top of your cake. ICINGINKS Frankenstein Cake!! In this Halloween cake tutorial, we at ICINGINKS will teach you how to make a Frankenstein Cake just in time for Halloween. We decided to go this idea because Frankenstein is the most loved anime character, in a negative role. Children all around the world l Read More

Make Your Cake Stand Out in the Crowd with ICINGINKS Food Printers

Oct 23,2017

Every baker and cake decorator must try edible printing to make their tasty creations look even more mouth-watering. A good food printer or edible ink printer can be the best friend of any person who loves to bake, whether he is an amateur baker or a professional one. Having a good food printer can help you to print professional edible photos from the comfort of your home. You can use a Food Printer to decorate Birthday Cakes, Wedding cakes, cupcakes, marshmallows, chocolates, and more. These printers are in high demand and anybody can buy the printers online from Icinginks. Our edible printer bundles come with an array of edible printing Read More

Photo Finish Cakes: The Beginner's Guide to Using Edible Photo Printers

Oct 23,2017

Imagine this: you've baked a perfectly leveled and frosted cake. Now comes the fun part – decorating! But for many beginners, creating a photorealistic image on a cake seems daunting. Here's the good news: creating stunning cake designs is simpler than you think. This guide introduces you to edible cake printers, a game-changer for beginner cake decorators. They allow you to effortlessly personalize your cakes with any image, transforming them into showstopping centerpieces.  Why Edible Photo Printers Are Perfect for Beginners Before we dive in, let's address the misconception that creating photo cakes requires advanced skills. Read More

The Mystery behind the Sponges within Edible Ink Cartridges

Oct 14,2017

If you are anyone associated with baking and cake decorating, edible ink printers are no surprise news. These printers are nothing more than any regular printer but are equipped with a very special type of cartridges. They have edible ink cartridges that use edible ink to print on edible sheets. Therefore, the images the print are edible. These edible ink cartridges are created in special FDA compliant labs and have two very significant differences, compared to the regular non-edible ones. Edible Ink Cartridges have the same shape and size as compared to a regular cartridge, but they have a sponge in them and they use edible ink in place o Read More

Every Occasion is Wonderful with Photo Cakes

Oct 13,2017

Be it a Birthday, an Anniversary or any important event-You must have a cake to make it special. A professional looking cake with modern decorations like edible images, fancy colors, glittery lusters, etc., surely does the job. But it is sometimes difficult to find the correct subject or photo for the appropriate occasion and this problem can be solved using Edible images, made using Icinginks ink edible printers. Edible Images can be any picture of texts from kid's shows, copyrighted photographs, quotes, personal images or any photo you need to print. To get a fitting picture to pick on a specific subject for cake, you can even take a sugg Read More

DIY Photo Cake: Surprise Your Loved Ones with This Personalized Treat!

Oct 13,2017

Remember that awkward moment at the grocery store bakery, desperately trying to explain your vision for a birthday cake to a disinterested teenager? Forget the stress and express your inner baker with a photo cake. This delightful creation transforms a simple cake into a personalized masterpiece that will leave your loved ones speechless (and maybe a little teary-eyed). The best part is that creating a stunning photo cake is surprisingly easy and much more fun. All you need is a little creativity and a cake printer. Imagine the look on their face when they see their favorite childhood photo or a goofy pet picture adorning their cake&n Read More

Which Edible Printer To Buy - Canon Or Epson?

Oct 09,2017

Edible ink printers are a fun and interactive way to bring out your creativity. They print high-resolution edible images for topping birthday cakes, cupcakes, & treats. With cake edible printers you can personalize your cake with any design you have on a digital file. Icinginks has been selling edible printers for several years now. We are not paid by either Canon or Epson, be assured that we will give you our honest opinion in selecting the best edible printer for your needs The Big Question is: Canon edible printer or Epson edible printer-Which To Buy? In our decades of experience with edible ink printing, we have experienced the Ca Read More