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Halloween Desserts: Learn Tactics For Stunning Desserts

Oct 25,2018

October means Halloween and the celebration is all about Halloween desserts and candies. Dressed in scary costumes like a ghost, witch, fairies, human skeleton or cartoon characters, etc., cute little monsters demand only treats. On this special night, kids shout “trick-or-treat” which means the grownups will face a prank if they do not offer them candy. How can anyone refuse to give treats to the children! If you are also a cool grownup who loves to make creative Halloween desserts for family and the kids, here are some techniques you can use. Print Stunning Halloween Edible Images: You may take advantage of Pre-cut circle f Read More

Know if you can Print Edible Photos with a Regular Inkjet Printer

Sep 30,2018

Our clients who use inkjet printers often ask if they can use them for edible printing. An Edible Ink Printer is quite different from a normal copier you use at home or in the office. Inkjet printers that are contaminated with normal ink cannot be used for edible printing since they contain portions of non-edible chemicals, which are toxic and harmful to your health. Use an Edible Ink Printer Instead of a Regular Printer Epson and Canon, two printer manufacturing giants, also do not recommend using edible inks instead of regular inks since regular inks are toxic. Also, regular printers are not technically designed to be used with frosti Read More