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Let us salute to our Fallen Heroes on the Memorial Day 2018 in a different way

May 27,2018

Memorial Day, also known as Decoration Day is a federal holiday in the USA. It is celebrated to remember and honor fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives while serving in the nation’s armed forces. It is observed on the last Monday of May every year. It will be held on May 28, 2o18 this year. The Icinginks also offers Military benefits to those who are serving in the defense of the nation or inactive reservists. They can celebrate their birthdays, special events, and also Memorial Day happily. They may get special discounts on its products such as edible ink printers, markers, and frosting sheets. They may also avail its edible printi Read More

Foolproof Your Cakes: Top Baking Mistakes to Watch Out For

May 24,2018

Imagine a stunning cake – beautifully frosted, perfectly risen, and adorned with a custom edible image that steals the show. Edible image printing services allow you to personalize your cakes with logos, photos, or messages, adding a unique touch that takes your cakes from delicious to extraordinary. But before you get to the decorating stage, ensuring you've baked a flawless cake as the foundation is crucial. The good news is that many common baking mistakes have simple solutions! This blog will guide you through some frequent pitfalls and equip you with the knowledge to bake a show-stopping cake every time. Baking 101: Avoiding Com Read More

Innovative Custom Edible Printing Service

May 21,2018

Are you exploring custom printing services over the internet for your upcoming special day celebration? Icinginks supports you in getting an image to customize your cake in just a few simple steps. You may take advantage of Icinginks for numerous events such as Birthdays, Weddings, Wedding anniversaries, Baby showers, Special Days, International Days, Social events, Corporate events, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, etc. What Is Edible Ink Printing? Edible printing is an innovative way of printing. It has the potential to print images and text in edible colors on a variety of foods including cakes. It offers you a base to develop new ideas fo Read More

Level Up Your Food Decorating with Edible Printing: From Cakes to Cookies and Beyond!

May 21,2018

Edible printers have emerged as a game-changer in food decoration, offering a sophisticated and user-friendly solution for personalizing sweet treats. Gone are the days of frosting mishaps and uneven sprinkles; this innovative technology empowers home bakers and culinary professionals to create stunning and personalized designs on cakes, cookies, and other edible surfaces. Why Choose Edible Printing? Impress your guests Birthday cakes with photos, cookies featuring favorite characters, and cupcakes boasting funny messages - edible printing makes all this, and more, a reality! Celebrate any occasion in style with stunning personalized Read More

A new idea to make an edible Mr. & Mrs. Canvas for your wedding cake topper by Icinginks

May 18,2018

A wedding is a very special occasion for couples. Edible images are the newest trend in cake decorating. It is normal for to-be-wed couples to choose an edible Mr. & Mrs. banner that can be seen vertically on top of their wedding cake. According to Icinginks' new innovations, it would be best to include their surname too. When it becomes difficult for them to select a design, they can prepare it with an edible printer and a laptop, as opposed to buying it online. They may print their last name on it in any font style that they wish to write. This will reflect their individual style. A beautiful banner can also be printed using cake topp Read More

How to cover a cake or cupcake with printed wafer papers by Icinginks

May 14,2018

Wafer sheets for cakes are best for decorating cakes, cupcakes and other baked confectionaries. Edible wafer papers can be printed using special edible printers. All you have to do isconnect your laptop to it.Icinginksoffers the best quality edible wafer sheets for cakes. The edible sheet is affordable for bakery professionals as it is compatible with edible image printers and produces incredibly vivid images.It is the best for creating a wide range of edible flowers, text banners, and other 3D models of butterflies, smiles, and cartoons which can be used as toppers for confectionary goods. Edible wafer paperis available in different sets o Read More

How to print Chocolates by Chocolate Transfer Sheets by Icinginks  

May 14,2018

What are chocolate transfer sheets? Chocolate transfer sheets are translucent acetate sheets covered with edible cocoa butter and sugar dustings. Unprinted chocolate transfer sheets are available from Icinginks at affordable prices.Chocolate: What is it and why is it useful? Kids and adults both enjoy chocolate, which are just delicious. In addition to cacao seeds powder, milk, buttercream and sugar, it is made with roasted powder of cacao seeds. There are also chocolate bars that come in different flavours and colours, such as dark chocolate and white chocolate. It is useful for making a number of items such as chocolate cakes, m Read More

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Wedding Cake by Icinginks

May 11,2018

The media are passionate about the wedding cake of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, amidst the duo is going to marry on Saturday, 19 May 2018, the writers across the world are expressing their different views on its preparation and decoration too. A recent tweet, also known to Icinginks released by @KensingtonRoyal, on Twitter stated that the couple is looking forward to sharing a wedding cake with the guests at their nuptials at Windsor Castle. There is the buzz in the air that they had asked Claire Ptak, the chef who grew up in California, to develop a lemon elderflower themed cake that will blend with flavors of spring. It would be adorne Read More

An innovative idea of Edible Images to celebrate Happy Mother’s Day 2018 by Icinginks

May 08,2018

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor mothers and motherhood. It is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in the USA, Canada, Australia and most of the European Countries. Mom is similar to God on this earth, and nobody can take her place. God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. According to a Polish proverb the greatest love is the love of a mother, then comes the affection of a dog, and then arrives the inclination to a sweetheart. The Icinginks supports the celebration of the event in an innovative way. The online store deals in supplying the tools & materials associated with Edible Printing. Edible images are new idea Read More

How to use Direct to Cake Printer by Incinginks

May 03,2018

Around the globe, the cake printing profession has become efficient and smart. Innovative technologies are being developed to make cake decoration easier. Icinginks, an online source for modern edible inks and printers, provides information on how to use a Direct to Cake printer. You may benefit from this article if you work in the confectionery industry. How does direct-to-cake printing work? What is a direct cake printer? Direct to cake printing involves printing directly on the surfaces of cakes or cookies via a Direct Cake Printer. There is no wafer paper/frosting sheet feeder on such a printer. The printing is supported by Read More