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Cookie Swivels Turntables

It is important to have all of the essential tools and supplies to support your baking dreams. One such supply is a cookie swivel turntable. The Icinginks turntables are specially designed for cookies to rotate 360 degrees with just a gentle push.

Icinginks Cookie turntables provide the perfect balance you need to decorate your cookies. Take out your baking hat and style up the cookies as you desire. Cheer up your favorite holidays with sweet treats with any creative design. These turntables are perfect to decorate your tasty treats from any angle needed.

The Icinginks cookie turntables can be washed by hands easily. Wash before using every time you need to frost a cookie, small cake or gingerbread. They have a non-slip silicone mat for staying in place. With our Cookie Turntable, it is easier to apply those special touches. Apply an even coat of icing to a cake or cookie easily now!

If you want to add decorative touches such as waves to the sides, bordering for a specific design, you can turn the turntable with one hand and hold the decorating tool with your other hand. Any design is possible. Go crazy with the frosting and edible add-ons!

The Icinginks turntables spin in both directions, so they work well for left-handed and right-handed people. You can also use them for applying edging at the top, beading, flowers, and more.

Besides, when you need to display your genius and delicious cookie art work, the turntable makes it easy. You could also use this turntable to display cupcakes, mini tarts, and other small treats. The turntables elevate the treats from the table, creating an attractive look.

Using this lazy Susan turntable, you can also sculpt edible chocolate or fondant structures for decorations. These turntables are good for hand molding and sculpting. You could use the turntable for applying decorations onto a large cookie, pie, or other pastries as well.

Our Swivels turntables are lightweight and easy to turn with a non-slip base for easy turning and swivels clockwise or anti-clockwise making it suitable for both right and left-handed decorators. It is the one addition to your baking station that can transform your cookie game to the utmost professionalism.

  • Icinginks Acrylic Cookie Decorating Turntable Swivel for Sugar Cookies, cupcakes Royal Icing With Anti-Slip Silicone Mat

    Icinginks Acrylic Cookie Decorating Turntable Swivel for Sugar Cookies, cupcakes Royal Icing With Anti-Slip Silicone Mat