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5 Super Easy-To-Use Tools to Decorate and Draw on Cakes

Jul 22,2020

“Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake” – Dean Koontz.It couldn’t have been put in a better way than how the renowned American author puts it; cakes are synonymous to hope, and to happiness, love, optimism, and all such positive emotions.Ever wondered what exactly makes a cake such a delightful dessert? Of course, there is cream, and sugar, and nice, soft bread, and all the other nice ingredients, but there’s another element that makes a cake stand out as the kind of all desserts – the artwork on it, made by various kinds of edible food paints, edible color markers, and pens.Cake arts Read More

How To Use A Photo For Decorating A Cake

Jul 16,2020

Bake a cake to make your special occasion a beautiful memory forever. We all know that. How would it be if your cake carries your own special touch with your favorite photo printed right on it in the most vibrant colors?Be it a birthday, anniversary, or office party, every celebration ends becomes more special when you add a personalized cake, all decked up with beautiful edible images. Be ready to welcome all the appreciation, “Wow” and “Aha”  coming your way as you unveil your printed cake.So, let’s amp up your cake baking with a quick tutorial about how to bake a cake with an edible picture on it!LET&rsqu Read More

Icinginks Edible Image Printing Software

Jul 14,2020

Designing your cakes and confectionaries is creative and fun! Tap into your hidden talents with the most flexible software for edible image printing, packed with amazing features.Icinginks Edible Printing Software is one of a very few online-based edible design software suitable especially for printing on our Icinginks pre-cut frosting sheets.Simply, select the size of your frosting sheet, then import the image you would like to print, add some custom text if you'd like with some cool effects, and click print. And you’re on!Our printing software has printer calibration options to offer precise results.USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE WITH EASY Read More