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How to Print a Custom Picture or Design for a Cake at Home?

Jun 03,2022

Nothing beats having a customized cake at an occasion that not only matches the theme of that particular occasion but also is visually pleasing to your guests. That's why edible image cakes have been one of the most popular cakes for any kind of occasion lately, be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or a corporate event.You must have seen these cakes with certain photographs on them. Have you ever thought about how exactly it is done? In this article, we are going to let you know exactly that! 1. Searching for the right image for printing Undoubtedly, the very first thing that you’ll be needing is the picture that you want to put o Read More

Edible Cake Images: A Guide to Making Them

May 11,2022

If you are into baking, or more specifically, cake decorating, you must have seen cakes adorned with edible images. There is just something quite interesting about these cakes with all the custom images, logos, or any other printed design used as a topper, isn't it? What are these edible images? How are they made? What are they made of? How to use them in the right way? These are just a few questions you might have been wondering at times. That is why we have got this guide for you to not just understand how the edible cake images are made but also how to use them correctly and answer other such questions. What edible cake images are mad Read More

FREE DIY Cake Design Ideas: Icinginks Guide

Jul 16,2021

A gorgeous and delicious cake makes the most beautiful, edible centerpiece for any table. There are a lot of experiments that you can perform which your guests will love. You can pipe down details or make the insides of cakes shimmer with edible lusters. You may also addcupcakes or 3D edible structures, or create something unique by wrapping the cake with a custom edible image. Professional cake decorators use a variety of colors and patterns. Fun and innovative cake decorations can make a boring cake into a wonderful one. Whether you are layering frostings of different colors or putting candy, fruit on top - these ideas will make your cake p Read More

How To Use A Photo For Decorating A Cake

Jul 16,2020

Bake a cake to make your special occasion a beautiful memory forever. We all know that. How would it be if your cake carries your own special touch with your favorite photo printed right on it in the most vibrant colors?Be it a birthday, anniversary, or office party, every celebration ends becomes more special when you add a personalized cake, all decked up with beautiful edible images. Be ready to welcome all the appreciation, “Wow” and “Aha”  coming your way as you unveil your printed cake.So, let’s amp up your cake baking with a quick tutorial about how to bake a cake with an edible picture on it!LET&rsqu Read More

Make Quick and Easy Cake at Home During Lockdown

Jun 09,2020

Are you longing for something sweet? A delicious cake to be precise? If there is one thing that most of us trying out during this lockdown, is cooking! And what could be better than some simple recipes to keep you busy? So, we, at Icinginks are sharing two really amazing lockdown cake recipes with you all that you can try at home.Easiest Ever Double Decker CakeTake the stress out of making a lavish cake with this cake recipe that bakes all at once from the easy mix. We have used pink color frosting but you can choose the decoration to suit your taste.Ingredients- 12 large eggs- 750g self-raising flour- 750g golden caster sugar- 200ml vegetabl Read More

Different Types of Birthday Cakes You Can Make for Your Children

May 20,2020

Looking for cake ideas for your kid’s birthday?Well, we have got you covered! Whether you are thinking of a basic cake or a tropical island cake, we have got the cake inspirations for you.We have made a list of some of the most amazing yet exciting cakes to choose from and they have all got the WOW-factor. These cakes are easy to make. Some of these cakes are a fun twist on a traditional cake – my kids love to mix it up and try different things. Watch your kid’s happiness when they spot the birthday cake baked by you.Rainbow cakePerfect for a party, you will be proud to bake this rainbow-speckled cake. Make colorful layers u Read More

5 Trending Cake Decorating Ideas To Try In 2020

Mar 31,2020

Baking a cake is magical, but the most exciting part is the finished look of the cake. The decoration, is indeed the icing on the cake, as it transcends a tasty cake into a work of art. Try these top 5 most trending cake decor ideas in 2020: 1. Go For Bold Metallic Colors The love for rose gold is now replaced with the classy metallics. Whether a lot of gorgeous edible metallic dust or some dusted gold leaves encircling the tiers of a cake, colors such as classic gold, copper, and silver are now a huge drift and they look extraordinary. You can use edible metallic dust in very imaginative ways. Use the largest or the smallest cake tier t Read More

Top 5 Wedding Cake Trends 2020

Feb 25,2020

Wedding is the most auspicious moment of a couple’s life and wedding cake is the center of attention of all the sumptuous foods that are on the table for guests. Hence, it’s important to pay attention to the wedding cake design. Top 5 Wedding cake trends 2020 post aims at helping parents, couples and event planners to make a difference to the event. 1.    Ferns and Botanical-Themed Wedding Cakes Ferns and petals creeping on walls and trees are bound to attract our attention. Ever thought that the same can be translated to your wedding cake? Dedicate your wedding to nature with this botanical-themed wedding cake. U Read More

Valentine’s Day Cake Ideas by Icinginks

Jan 27,2020

Love is in the air! It’s the time to melt the lover’s heart by pampering her with all her favourite goodies. Create gorgeous photo cakes and imaginatively decorated cakes with hearts, flowers, teddys and all those lovable things that girls adore. Watch her squeal in delight! Icinginks’ mind-blowing range of sophisticated latest cake printers, high quality edible ink cartridges, edible markers, edible frosting sheets, wafer sheets and more help you create the most stunning designer cakes at home or your confectionary shop. Celebrate the year’s most favorite love festival with the most amazing cakes you can offer your Read More

New Year Cake Ideas by Icinginks

Dec 27,2019

Its New Year 2020! Time to party and enjoy the most fascinating array of food apart from spectacular lighting, decorations, fireworks and more. And it is also about baking awesome cakes and decorating them with wishes, resolutions and pictures of your most memorable moments from the year gone by. Icinginks’ mind-blowing range of sophisticated latest cake printers, high quality edible ink cartridges, edible markers, edible frosting sheets, wafer sheets and more help you create the most stunning designer cakes at home or your confectionary shop. Ring in the New Year with the most amazing cakes you can offer your customers. At Icingink Read More