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Clear Frosting Sheets

A High-Quality 100% Transparent and Clear Frosting Sheet for Cake Decoration

We are proud to introduce the thinnest edible frosting sheets that are crystal clear and work like magic for cake decorating. There is no other edible sheet more popular in the world of baking than this one. You can easily create a theme-based cake by using Icinginks Clear Edible Paper.

Cake toppers, cookies, drinks, cocktails, and cold and hot drinks can be printed on these sheets. It's perfect for isomalt, lollipops, buttercream, royal icing, fondant cake toppers, cocktails, and drinks.

These completely transparent frosting sheets are perfect for printing cartoon characters, company logos, flowers, and other edible decorations. The drink toppers look best with transparent clear sheets, which show off the drink underneath.

The clear frosting sheets for cakes can be printed with stunning images using all of Icinginks' edible image printers. These transparent edible sugar sheets work best when printed with edible inks and cartridges from Icinginks.

The Icinginks clear frosting sheets are available in two bundles:

  1. Pack - 12 sheets US Letter Size 8.5" x 11"
  2. Pack - 24 sheets US Letter Size 8.5" x 11"

It is a very thin and transparent piece of flavorless icing, with a plastic backing sheet to make it easier to handle and pass through the printer.

Place the frosting sheets in your edible printer just like normal paper, and print any image you desire, using Icinginks edible ink. When printed, let the frosting sheet dry for at least 6 - 12 minutes.

FAQs for Clear Frosting Sheets

  1. Which is edible side and which is plastic side?

Answer - The plastic side is smoother just like a plastic sheet backing and the edible frosting side feels little rough which helps to determine that side is the printable frosting sheet side

  1. Are sheets stiff or they are flexible?

Answer - The sheets are flexible, but when we put many sheets together the package is stiff. Also the background plastic is stiff.

  1. If they are tasteless?

Answer - Yes

  • Icinginks™ Prime Clear Edible Frosting Sheets (8.5”X11

    Icinginks™ Prime Clear Edible Frosting Sheets (8.5”X11") Pack - 12 sheets US Letter Size

  • Icinginks™ Prime Clear Edible Frosting Sheets (8.5”X11

    Icinginks™ Prime Clear Edible Frosting Sheets (8.5”X11") Pack - 24 sheets US Letter Size