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5 Creative Chocolate Transfer Sheet Ideas for Stunning Desserts

May 28,2024

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and gasped at a beautiful dessert that looked like a work of art? Chances are, chocolate transfer sheets played a starring role. These handy tools allow you to create professional-looking designs on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and even chocolates with minimal effort. But where do you even begin with chocolate transfer sheets? Fear not; ignite your creativity with 5 unique ideas that will transform your treats into showstoppers. The Magic of Chocolate Transfer Sheets Chocolate transfer sheets are thin sheets of clear plastic adorned with intricate designs made from cocoa butter and food col Read More

How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets for Adding Designs?

May 11,2022

We all love chocolates, there's absolutely no doubt there. Whether you are a kid, a teenager, an adult, or an elderly, you just can't say no to some delicious chocolates that dissolve in your mouth with an explosion of chocolaty goodness. In fact, even if you happen to be one of those rare ones who are not into chocolate much, you just can't say no to it once in a while! What can be better than chocolate? a chocolate cake, bar, or block that has an amazing design, of course! The intricate designs and patterns just add to the overall appeal of any chocolaty medium, doesn't it? To add such designs and patterns to chocolate is quite easy. Read More

Why Icinginks Chocolate Transfer Sheets are Special?

Sep 20,2021

We love chocolate. It is actually kind of difficult to find a person who doesn't love chocolate in one form or another. Whether it be the good old chocolate bar, or the kid's favorite choco-sticks, or the ever romantic chocolate balls, or the super popular chocolate chips, it would take an extraordinary amount of sheer will and determination to resist this kind of delicacies. Therefore, when it comes to other favorite desserts such as cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, adding chocolate to them is always a good idea. And that's where the chocolate transfer sheets come in handy. First thing first, what exactly is a chocolate transfer sheet? Si Read More

How to Make Custom Chocolate Covered Oreos

Sep 09,2021

Oreos – Now that's a cookie that is loved by all. Whether you are an office-going adult or a Spider-Man-watching school kid, it's kind of hard to say no to an Oreo, isn't it? So, what can be better than an Oreo? A chocolate-covered Oreo, of course! Most of us have tasted this delicious upgrade at least once. But boy, aren’t they kind of overpriced at those candy and confectionary shops? Why not try it at home then! In this article, we are going to learn one of the easiest custom chocolate-covered Oreo recipes that can be made at home. And don't worry, you don't have to be a pro pastry chef to make this one. So, let’s Read More

How to use Frosting Sheets with Edible Ink Printers?

Nov 22,2017

Frosting sheets, Icing sheets, or sugar sheets, have gained huge popularity due to the ease of application and potential. Made by thin layers of white icing sugar pressed onto a plastic or acetate backing, these sheets can be used on cookies, cakes, and more. The sheets can be printed using edible inks with an edible ink printer as easily as you would print on regular paper. This is how you get those amazing photo cakes or printed cakes. Be It your kid’s birthday or your wedding anniversary - a customized photo-printed cake is always a better idea to make them special. A photo cake made using Icinginks Frosting Sheets can charm your Read More

How To Decorate A Cake With Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

Nov 01,2017

Printed chocolates are a favorite of all. But apart from designing your chocolate pieces, you can also create a cake covered with decorated chocolate. All you need is a printed chocolate transfer sheet and some melted chocolate. Having an awe-inspiring wrapped-up Chocolate Cake for your birthday is undeniably incredible. The wrapped up Chocolate cake may seem complicated, but proper guidance will let you finish the process smoothly and excitingly. Here’s an expert ICINGINKS guide for you on using Chocolate Transfer Sheets to decorate the top of your cake wrap with Chocolate. Before getting into the process, you must know what you are Read More

Everything You Need To Know To Print on Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

Jan 04,2017

Want to add patterns, pictures to your chocolate pieces? You can add customized prints on chocolate candy bars, and pralines to turn up the zing a notch. What you need are some quality chocolate transfer sheets and an edible printer. What are Chocolate Transfer Sheets? Have you seen, and hopefully eaten, beautiful tiny chocolates with designs on the top? It’s the magic of edible printable chocolate sheets. Chocolate transfer sheets are transparent acetate sheets that are composed of an edible layer made from cocoa butter with a light dusting of confectioners’ sugar. How Can You Use The Chocolate Transfer Sheets? You can us Read More