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Pre Printed Edible Images 2" toppers

At Icinginks, we help you create surprises that make beautiful memories. We print custom edible images for customers. Our digital images are printed using our prime quality edible frosting sheets and our high-grade food coloring edible cartridges. Icinginks™ has made it very easy and convenient for the customers who do not want to indulge and print their own. Our pre-printed edible sheets delivers high quality edible print colors but it would not be as vibrant as you would expect from a photo picture printed using regular photo inks and ordinary paper because a frosting sheet has many uneven divots in it and they are printed using food colors inks which are less vibrant comparable to office printer inks.  Though we make assure you will still be happy with the high-quality end results of pre printed patterns. Icinginks brand has the best food color inks in the market.

Edible frosting sheets are super easy to use. A fun way to decorate a cake and it will look professionally made. Just peel the frosting sheet image from the backing and place it on a freshly frosted cake. The icing sheet will melt to the iced cake within about 30 minutes which will give cake the stunning paint effect or airbrushed directly to the cookies or cakes.

Frosting Sheets requires moisture to adhere. When using a fondant or other dry icings, you must dampen the surface you are applying the edible sheet to. The store bought cakes or buttercreams you should apply the image when the frosting is freshly applied, if not they can crust or dry and you must dampen the frosting prior to applying the sheet. For best results, you can spray a fine mist of water on the cake base or use piping gel from Wilton to adhere the icing sheet better. You may also use a white or light colored frosting where the sheets are to be placed this will ensure that the image colors are not washed out by a darker frosting color. Most of our customers they use corn starch , edible glue and piping gel as adhesive for edible images.

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    Icinginks Pre-Printed 2" inch U.S. Navy Edible Images Cupcake, Cookie Toppers - 15 Counts Per Frosting Sheet