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Return Policy

Icinginks believes in 100% customer satisfaction. We try our best and go beyond our customer service level to meet your requirements. Our hassle-free return policy is part of our commitment to taking care of you every step of the way. All of our products are tested and inspected before we ship out to our customers. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can return your item(s) with below terms and conditions.

Returning Damaged Edible Goods

Upon receiving your parcel or later if you find out the products are damaged, cracked or leaking you are requested to return /refund within 30 days of purchase. Before you return anything back to us you should call our toll free number 844-618-6818 or fill up the returns form to get Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Also, we may try offering you some tips which may solve your problem, if not, we will offer you a free replacement at our shipping cost. Though we do quality check before they are shipped out but they may face some damage while shipping and handling goods to you. As Edible papers are very delicate and they are affected with temperature conditions as well. We recommend you to add COOL and HEAT bags according to the temperature conditions in your area. In extremely hot weather you should select COOL and in extremely COLD weather, you should pick HEAT bags for your frosting and chocolate papers.

Returning Unused Edible Goods

We apologize we do not accept returns for opened/used printer, edible cartridges, edible ink and edible sheets without any defect. According to FDA, they are edible, and once opened we cannot resell them again. If you think you no longer needed any product which is unopened and never used you can return them for exchange, store credit, and refund but they should be packed in the original box in which they came.

There are 3 options for returning Unused Edible goods mentioned below :

  1. If the user placed the wrong order - You are free to exchange your unopened goods without any re-stocking fees under 30 days of purchase. You would need to return the products at your own cost. Shipping charges will be applied to re-ship the parcel.  If the user does not want to exchange with correct products and needs Refund only. The user needs to return the goods back to our warehouse and the refund would be offered under 30 days of purchase on unused goods with 15% restocking fees and shipping charges are non-refundable.

  2. Store credit - It is only applicable to goods value not on shipping charges that you may have paid during the order time. We offer 45 days to return unopened products with 15% re-stocking fees. Store Credit has no time limit you are free to use it anytime during your lifetime.

  3. If Icinginks shipped the wrong items - You are free to exchange your unopened goods without any re-stocking fees under 45 days of the purchase date. In case of incorrect products shipped to you from our warehouse. We will pay for the shipping charges for returning and replacing with correct items.

Equipment (Edible Printing Machines): All printers and machines are sold with a 1-year Icinginks warranty. The replacement policy covers any type of hardware issues such as tray not moving, scanner unit not working, no power or any such other hardware errors are covered under 1-year full replacement.  If the printer stopped working within 90 days of purchase we will ship out the new printer and after 90 days of purchase we will ship out the re-furbished printer Condition: Like NEW Or Mint condition without any scratches tested by Icinginks which will cover the same warranty policy. The user gets a 100% full refund within 30 days if the user opts for the refund due to any issue related to HARDWARE ERROR.

The color issues with the food printers should not be counted as a replacement or exchange with the new printer. It is normal with edible printers as compared with the printers used with regular ink. "ICINGINKS uses the premium quality raw materials to produce the top class Edible Ink in the market so that our customers should not face often any color or clog issues". To make you more clear why edible printer gets clog? To support edible printing we use the world's best Inkjet Technology from the Canon. The food inks are denser than regular printer inks that pass through tiny nozzles of thermal printheads. Every time ink passes the leftover particles will sit there, solidify, and then cause clogs resulting the color issues. To keep the printer in good working condition print 1-2 sheets using A4 plain paper test prints a week or follow mentioned below guidelines on how to increase the life of the printer.

We are aware and trained for the color issues with edible printing, our technician will guide you on how to fix the colors or lines issues. To fix the problem we may ask for some pictures, videos to know more about the problem so we can fix it in a better way. We kindly seek your co-operation in fixing the problem to avoid going back and forth. Also, you can learn these simple steps if required in the future for the same issues.

If we are not able to fix the problem over the phone we may request to remove and send us the printhead. We will fix and send you back during the 1-year warranty period. The shipping charges will be paid by Icinginks for receiving and sending the fixed printhead. 

How To Increase The Life Of Your Edible Printer And Always Get Vibrant Colors?

1. Do not let your printer sit idle with edible cartridges for more than 15 days. You may print a test page or 1,2 sheets once in a week using A4 size plain paper.
2. If you are not going to use the printer for more than 10 days remove the edible cartridges from the printer put the original black sealing clip and store it in the zip lock bag.
3. Install the Cleaning Cartridges until the machine is kept idle for days or months.
4. Perform Cleaning for 2-3 times using Cleaning Cartridges before you print anything.
5. Install Regular Edible Cartridges, Print your edible images. After the print job is done & you know you are not going to use a printer for several weeks or months. Take out edible cartridges put the black clips on and store in the zip lock bag.
6. Install Cleaning Cartridges, run the cleaning feature, turn off the printer leaving cleaning cartridges loaded inside until the machine is kept idle. 

NOTE: If you follow these guidelines you would not come across color issues often.

Printer Warranty Void - The edible printers sold by Icinginks come with a warranty of one year provided by the Icinginks brand. These printers are equipped with edible ink manufactured by Icinginks to get vivid and crisp edible images. Our system is built to work and give you the best results when used with Icinginks brand edible inks and edible papers.

The 1-year edible printer warranty provided by Icinginks voids in the following cases:
1.) Using other brand edible ink cartridges
2.) Refilling the Icinginks brand edible ink cartridges with other brand edible ink bottles

Do not use edible ink with generic brand names from other marketplaces, in most cases, they are toxic, manufactured without any FDA-approved ingredients unhealthy inks produced in China, and sold on Amazon or eBay. They may be cheap in prices but they do not have any Kosher, FDA certification, no information if they pass any food safety measures. The use of generic brand edible inks will result in fast-drying, printhead clog, and color issues. Your edible printer in some cases can be permanently damaged and cannot be repaired or exchanged. Our support staff will try to provide you with technical solutions which may fix your problem with color issues or any hardware but without any replacements.


You are covered under 1-year replacement* warranty for any product which may have stopped working during that interval of time with no additional cost and shipping charges. 


If you are missing any item from your order please inform us within 30 days. We will ship out your missing item(s) on same requested Business day.


You are free to exchange your unopened goods without any re-stocking fees under 90 days of purchase date. In case of incorrect products shipped to you from our warehouse. We will pay for the shipping charges for returning and replacing with correct items. Shipping charges may apply to re-ship the parcel if it was ordered incorrectly by the user


The refund would be offered under 15 days of purchase on unused or unopened goods returned to us with 15% re-stocking fees and shipping charges s are non-refundable.


If you have any question about our Return policy you can email us at [email protected] or call our toll free number 844-618-6818.