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10 Amazing & Easy Easter Desserts Anyone Can Make

May 11,2022

it doesn't matter if you are preparing for the brunch or the dinner, the desserts are the ultimate show stealers on Easter Sunday. You can have all kinds of dishes for the supper, but when it comes to desserts, they are definitely the most-awaited delicacies among all the Easter treats. If you happen to be someone who loves to bake cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, Easter is the occasion to put your baking skills to good use. There are endless possibilities when it comes to preparing Easter desserts, and here are a few ones that you must have to try this Easter: 1. Peeps Sunflower Cake Inspired by the sunflower, which is considered by man Read More

How to decorate a cake with Edible Icing and Edible inks?

Dec 30,2016

Cakes are among the things that turn heads at a celebration: the kind that looks so delectable that even dieters are tempted to bite into it.The days of sprinkles and homemade frosting roses are gone. So, what is trending these days? The answer is edible images. Don't you think having an image on the top of a cake is like a dream! Just imagine a wonderful image with a riot of color will be such an eye-catcher for everyone.Having edible image printers is a breakthrough for the baking industry. The options with edible images for bakery items are endless. If you have the right type of printer, edible cartridges, and edible sheets to print your Read More