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5 Things You Should Know About Edible Images

Jun 01,2022 icinginks 0

We all love edible image cakes, there is absolutely no doubt about that. After all, who won’t love a cake that has their favorite picture on it on a birthday or a wedding anniversary or that has an edible logo of the company on certain corporate occasions? 

Have you ever thought about how these images are made on the cake and why or how they are edible? Here are 5 super fun facts about edible images that you are definitely going to enjoy reading.

1. What are edible images?

First thing first, edible images are actually images printed on edible sheets such as icing sheets that are edible and can be used to decorate the surface of a cake, cupcake, or cookie. These images can be anything; your photograph, a cartoon character you like, or any other logo, or design.

2. What edible image sheets and inks are made of?

Unlike the usual paper, edible sheets are most commonly made of rice, sugar, starch, and even potatoes! Do you see why these are called edible sheets? They are safe to consume and once applied over a cake, they just dissolve in the frosting, leaving the image on the surface.

The edible inks that are used to print the images on edible sheets are made of edible ingredients too and come in ink cartridges just like ordinary printer inks. To print an image on the edible sheet using edible ink, all you need is a computer and an edible printing-compatible printer. Print the image just like you would print an ordinary image on an ordinary paper and it is all good to go!

3. What kind of images can be printed on edible sheets?

Literally, any kind of image! Be it a favorite picture of yours with your friends and/or family, a superhero, a travel destination that is on your checklist, a medal that you won, or anything else. Any image that can be printed on an ordinary paper can be printed on an edible one too. Absolutely no restrictions!

However, it is recommended to use an image in high resolution to print as it will ensure that the quality of the image remains intact once it is put on the cake surface.

4. How to use edible image on cake surface?

It is quiet easy but needs to be done carefully. Once the image is printed on the edible sheet. Carefully place the edible printed sheet over the cake surface, making sure there are no wrinkles or folds as it can ruin the overall appearance of the cake. Once the sheet is placed, let it be absorbed by the icing of the cake before planning to cut it. A well-dissolved edible sheet will leave a vivid and vibrant image on the surface of the cake.

5. Can you use icing on the top of an edible image?

Absolutely! Just use a piping tip to carefully add different colored icing over the edible image that is well placed on the cake surface to add extra effects to the image. Not only will it give a better depth to the image, but will also make the overall design more distinctive.

This is pretty much all the basic stuff that you need to know about edible images, what they are made of, and how exactly they work. You can find some of the best quality edible sheets on Icinginks. What's more, you can also order custom edible images and we will get it done in no time. If you have any questions about the edible images or edible sheets or anything about edible printing in general, feel free to give us a call at (844) 618-6818 and we will get right back to you!


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