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How to use Edible Shimmer on Cakes

Jun 02,2022 icinginks 0

Cakes can look really amazing with a ?little added shimmer to highlight the design or just to create glamour and fun. Shimmer, also known as sparkle, is non-toxic and completely edible. Some of the most popular shimmer and glitter available at cake shops are sanding and coarse sugars, luster dust, edible glitter, and metallic sprays. Each of these products creates a different look on your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

1. Sanding and Coarse Sugar

These decorative sugars have bigger grains than ordinary sugar grains and they have sparkle properties. They are available in various colors. Using them is pretty simple. Just sprinkle them on cakes, cookies, and cupcakes on wet icing so that they can stick to the surface. If it’s a dry surface, apply a thin layer of icing after sprinkling the sugar and it will stay on the surface.

2. Luster Dust

Luster dust is a fun-looking shimmery powder that can be added to fondant designs such as flowers to create beautiful colors and sparkle. This dust comes in an assortment of colors such as gold, silver, and bronze. If you are planning to apply luster dust to a particular area on a cake, be careful to cover the rest of the area with a parchment.

3. Edible Glitter

Edible glitter is definitely one of the most magical-looking edible design elements from the sparkle family. It’s not very different from the fairy dust about which we all read and heard stories when we were kids. The edible glitter is made of tiny flakes of shimmering colors or whites and it can be sprinkled on cakes to produce amazing colors. Just like the sand or luster dust, applying the glitter to a cake is quite easy too. For a cake with wet icing, just sprinkle, making a pattern that you like. If the cake surface is hardened, you can use a thin icing layer after sprinkling the glitter that will make it stay on the cake.

4. Edible Metallic Spray

Just like ordinary spray paints, the edible metallic spray also comes in aerosol cans and is used in a similar way to create glittery metallic spray finishes on cake surfaces. The most common colors available as edible metallic sprays are gold, silver, copper, and bronze. These look amazing on cakes for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or a corporate product launch. The best way to use these edible sprays is by spraying the desired area on a cake surface by hiding the rest of the area with parchment to give the designs a sharper and more elaborative look. Allow it to dry and apply a second coat if needed.

While using any kind of colors or edible shimmer on a cake, it is important that its best in quality and safe to consume. That is why at Icinginks, we have got only the premium quality edible colors and cake paints that are FDA approved and completely safe to consume.


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