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Tips To Bake the Perfect Cake with Decorating Tools and Mold

Aug 10,2021 icinginks 0

Decorating your cakes and cookies is a mandate today. There are thousands of ways that you can make your cake gorgeous. With the help of social media, pastry chefs over the world are coming up with new design trends every now and then. Cake decoration is a legit business these days. However, to follow the trends, you must have some standard tools. Cake decorating tools like cake stand and piping bags and tips, silicone cake molds, cake airbrush kits, edible image printers, sugar sheets, edible colors and inks, edible markers are a few to name. Here is how you can utilize these tools to create a perfectly decorated cake for any occasion.

Decorate Cakes with Silicone Cake Molds

Silicone molds come in various shapes and help you create all the intricate details and shapes you want to create.

  • Heart Shaped Molds: 

You must have seen the trendy 3D heart-shaped cakes that break with a hammer. That’s the magic of 3D Heart Diamond Shape Cake Molds. You can also create chocolate-coated sweet treats using the molds. They are available in small sizes and large ones so that you can use them over a buttercream or fondant coated cake.

Another popular silicon mold shape is the mermaid tail, perfect for a fairytale theme or pirates theme party cake or cupcakes. Coat your cake with an ocean-printed edible image or try coating it with white and blue (use two different shades at least) buttercream. You may also use pinks and purples to create a more fantasy version of the cake. Then simply put the mermaid tails on and make it look straight out of a fairytale

These are available in both large sizes and small ones. Use the large Sized Unicorn Shaped Cake, Fondant, Chocolate Baking Silicone Mold to bake the cake entirely of that shape or make a chocolate-coated one. Similarly, the small ones are great to make cookies that look like unicorns or chocolates. Just pour the ingredients into the mold and wait until it is completely formed, easy to scoop out and clean. The small unicorn pieces then can be applied to the cake for decoration.

Other shapes like pumpkin silicon molds for Halloween cake decorations or vintage photo frame silicon molds, 3D roses are also available on Icinginks. Our molds are specially designed to make your cake decoration easier and convenient. Just pour the ingredients into the molds and wait until it is completely formed. Easy to scoop out and clean. No need for greasing! No sticking, no tearing while the mold maintains its shape.

Artsy Cake Decoration Tools: The Cake Airbrush Kits

The airbrush compressor kits have been a favorite among all artists for decades. The texture you get by airbrushing is admirable. The cake decorating industry has also included the famous technique of using edible inks and colors. Air spray pressure guns are easy to handle and are compatible with a wide range of edible surfaces, including cake, gum paste, sugar paste, fondant, piping, icing, and isomalt. Check different airbrush kits here.

Cake Decorating Piping Bags and Tips

The most traditional way to decorate a cake is by different piping tips. This is also the most essential one. It will take you some practice to pipe down the perfect buttercream flowers but the piping tips are always the favorites. They come in different shapes and sizes. For example, Russian ball tips add a great opportunity to decorate in different ways and are very easy to use.


Some other cakes decorating tools and supplies include edible image printers, cake stands, etc. You may use all or some of these, according to your preferences.



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