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How in Different Ways You Can Use Icing Sheets?

May 28,2020 icinginks 0

Decorating cakes with icing sheets is a very effective and easy technique. You can create amazing cake designs with them. Edible sheets are used for creating vibrant designs on the cakes for decades. Using different kinds of prints and making cutouts from them to enhance the appearance of your cake is always a good idea. Also known as frosting sheets, these can be used in many ways.
Icing sheets are in all aspects like ordinary printer papers, except of course they are edible. Therefore, you have the liberty to make art on them with different kinds of edible mediums like edible colors, edible pens, edible markers, etc.

What are Edible Icing Sheets?
Icing sheets are paper-thin sheets that are thin layers of icing with a removable sheet at the back. Wafer Sheets are also called rice paper and are thin, smooth, crispy, and strong to an extent.

Icinginks offers a wide range of edible Icing sheets in different sizes, colors, and thicknesses. Edible papers are printed with edible cake printers using food grade edible ink to create beautifully personalized cakes, flowers, toppers, cupcakes, and pizzas, etc.

Icinginks has the best quality edible papers that meet the regulations of the FDA. The edible frosting sheets, wafer sheets, and other papers are allergen, gluten, and nut-free. An edible paper is classically made from rice, potato, glycerin, and other starches. Our frosting sheets texture is much softer and produces very vibrant colors when printed with Icinginks edible ink.

Cutting edible sheets is as pretty simple. Use scissors, knife, paper guillotine, or paper punches to cut them. Intricate images can be traced in the back on the plastic backing and cut out with scissors or a craft knife. These edible sheets can be cut with or without the plastic backing still attached. Bend and tear the icing sheet for more of a torn-paper effect.

How Icing Sheets are different from wafer sheets?
It takes color very well. Images come out bright and clean. Because they're made of sugar, icing sheets meld into whatever edible finish they're applied to. It tastes sweet and combines very easily with almost all the cake or cookie finishes. If we talk about the wafer sheets, these are pretty inexpensive. More flexible but doesn't need to be applied to another medium to use. Wafer paper should also be stored in an airtight bag, but it doesn't dry out as quickly.

Here are a few ways to use icing sheets everyone should know:

Coloring Edible Icing Sheets
There are a few different ways to apply edible color on an edible icing sheet:

Food Color Sprays
Hold spray a few inches far from the icing sheet. Avoid holding applicator in one place for too long, so that the color does not oversaturate the sheet. Let the edible color to dry before touching the sheet.

Icinginks Luster Dust

Apply dust-dry with a paintbrush for a smeared, cloudy look.

Food Color Markers
Be sure to use a printer that has been used to print with edible inks. Let the image to dry before applying the edible image on the cake or cookies surface.

How to Apply Edible Icing Sheets
Gently take off the plastic from the back whenever you are ready to use the icing sheet. Edible sheets will stick to the cake surface when directly applied to a fondant covered cake. If using icing sheets to decorate a fondant cake, first brush the back or fondant on the icing sheet with a tiny amount of water or edible glue.

Apply icing sheet just like a sticker from one end at a time, to avoid bubbles formation under the icing sheet. Further, decorate your edible icing image by brushing on a dab of edible glue and sprinkling on nonpareils or edible glitter.

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Things you make using Icinginks Edible Icing Sheets:

Icinginks Prime Edible Frosting Sheets can be used with various food treats such as Sugar cookies, Chocolate Covered Oreo’s, Cakes, Strawberries, Candy Apples, and more.

Chocolate Covered Oreo's – To create chocolate covered Oreo’s with custom edible images you can use Icinginks’ regular size plain edible frosting sheets. Icinginks offers free edible image software to add images into the circles of different sizes such as 1.25", 2", 2.5",3". You can add text, stickers, frames, etc. You can cut them with any cookie cutter or shape cutters.

Sugar Cookies – You can print images for your sugar cookies using Icinginks Edible Designing Software. It’s a browser-based software so you do not need any kind of software installation. Just with an active Internet connection, you can access it anywhere, anytime with your browser. Currently, it’s supported on Google Chrome browser only.

Strawberries and Candy Apple – Icinginks frosting sheets wrap beautifully around the strawberries. We recommend to use our Flexfrost frosting sheets as they do not crack while wrapping around strawberries and Candy Apples.

Cupcakes – Decorating cupcakes with frosting sheets is no less than a fun, especially with edible pictures printed on them. It is one of the most exciting stuff at Icinginks. These edible icing sheets can cut like paper and shape into just about anything you want.


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