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Icinginks™ Prime Blank Edible Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size - 100 sheets 0.27 mm Thickness



Wafer Sheets

8.5" X 11"

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  • Icinginks' high-quality edible wafer sheets are the best for cake decorations! They'll be the perfect finishing touch for your cake's design! These edible wafer sheets will add a unique look to your cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

  • HIGH-QUALITY EDIBLE WAFER SHEETS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CAKE DECORATIONS: The edible wafer sheet from Icinginks is perfect for creating stunning images for Cakes, Cookies, Cupcake Toppers, Edible Flower, and Leaves Decorations. All edible printers in the United States and other countries can use these wafer sheets.

  • LETTER SIZE: Make sure your cake fits and is the right size! Each box comprises 50 excellent blank wafer sheets measuring 8.5" × 11" and measuring 0.27 mm in thickness. Edible images are placed on baked foods, and flowers and support components for sculpted cakes are made using a prime blank wafer sheet.

  • EDIBLE WAFER SHEETS MADE WITH 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Icinginks' edible wafer sheets are made to high production standards in the United States. They're made with potato starch and vegetable oil. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives in them. They're the best in the business for making high-quality prints for cake and other dessert surfaces and are created in the US.

  • FDA COMPLIANT AND KOSHER CERTIFIED: The Edible Wafer Sheets have been certified as Kosher and FDA authorized by Orthodox Union. Allergens, gluten-free components, and nuts are also absent.

  • CREATE HIGH-QUALITY IMAGES WITH PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE: To create your edible image, use our Photo Editing Software. You'll have free limited access to the software for three months. You can trim, resize, and add text to photographs, as well as add clipart, image effects, and more. You'll also get lifelong access to free Photo Editing software, which lets you edit your photos with various photo editing tools and effects.

Icinginks Edible Wafer Sheets are edible designs that can be used to embellish cakes, cookies, chocolate-covered Oreos, and other baked items. You may print any form or graphic you wish using edible image printers. Cookies, buttercream, fondant icing, cupcakes, cake toppers, and cream are all suitable options.

Prime Blank Wafer Sheet can be used in multiple:

  • Fondant: To apply prime blank edible wafer paper to a fondant cake, use corn syrup or piping gel on the backside of the wafer paper.
  • Cookies: To use an edible wafer sheet on cookies, start with a chocolate bar, royal icing, fondant, or candy clay-covered cookie. Brush the wafer paper with a small layer of piping gel or corn syrup before pressing it onto the cookie. Gently press the wafer paper into place, ensuring the edges are secure.
  • Cakes: Place the edible wafer sheet illustration on the cake's top side. To guarantee a good seal and eliminate bubbles, smooth the wafer paper outward from the center to the edges. The cake may be considered finished, or you can add a beautiful piping border.
  • Buttercream: To attach edible wafer paper toppers to buttercream-covered cupcakes, press them straight into the icing. Assume that the buttercream has hardened to the point of no longer being sticky. In that case, you may need to reattach the tops to the cupcakes with new buttercream.

Each box provides 100 edible wafer sheets (for a total of 500 prime blank wafer sheets in a ten pack) that may be printed using edible image printers and edible cartridges. Each edible prime blank wafer sheet has a thickness of 0.27 mm.

The Orthodox Union has recognised this premium blank edible wafer sheet as Kosher, and it solely contains FDA-approved components. They're also gluten-free, nut-free, and allergen-free.

How to Use: Put the text under the "How It Works" tab.

Wafer or Rice papers have a similar appearance to regular paper and icing sheets, but they don't have a backing. Because they don't have a backing, peeling them off isn't difficult. Wafer papers, unlike frosting sheets, do not dissolve in the icing, which is a key distinction. They can be used in cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, fondant, blown sugar, and other confections.

Step 1: Use an edible printer to print the wafer sheets.

Step 2: Spray a thin mist of water on the back of the wafer paper.

Step 3: Spread the mixture on your preferred food surface.

Pro Tip: To avoid the edible wafer paper absorbing too much icing, apply the primary blank wafer paper to the object just before the presentation time or event.

Easy to Use with Edible Printers

Place the wafer sheet in your printer like ordinary paper and print whatever image you like with Icinginks edible ink. After printing, let the wafer sheet to dry. As cake toppings, they can be utilised with rolled fondant, chocolate candy, or Royal Icing.

What are the benefits of Prime Blank Wafer Sheets?

  • There is no supporting paper included in the package.
  • There is no supporting paper included in the package. However, we recommend waiting until the buttercream is completely set before adding the wafer paper.

STORAGE: PRIME BLANK WAFER PAPER SHOULD BE KEPT AWAY FROM HEAT. To avoid the colours of the edible ink fading due to humidity and sunlight, keep it dry and at room temperature. Store printed edible wafer paper in an airtight plastic bag or container when not in use.


  • Cristopher Clark

    This was my first time using Icinginks wafer sheets and I must say it's better than other brands I’ve used before. The sheets are very flexible which makes them easy to handle and pass through the printer. It helped me to quickly prepare cakes, cookies, and other items for my brother’s birthday party. Definitely recommend it to others.

  • Finley Wilson

    Best wafer sheets I’ve ever used! Also 100 sheets at such a great price. It's definitely worth buying. It provided a true and vibrant edible image on my confectionaries, resulting in better than any other regular wafer sheets. Thanks Icinginks for your great service.

  • Skylar Harris

    This paper is the BEST! I own a bakery, and I’ve tried many edible wafer sheets for cakes and, this one beats them all! It’s thin and blends in perfectly with the cake, can be easily trimmed, and the image printed looks super! I would highly recommend this product.

  • Daniel Mason

    With these high-quality natural wafer sheets, I could print bold and organic shapes on the cupcakes for my kids. Also, these sheets are easy to cut and allergen-free. So, these were the best wafer sheets I’ve purchased so far. Thanks, Icinginks!

  • Gary Jones

    These high-quality super-thin wafer sheets from Icinginks were the best purchases I made for my kids. These sheets are easy to cut and allergen-free. They also print remarkably well despite their oily base. A great buy!

  • Ella

    These thick edible wafer papers from Icinginks are perfect for making designer Jell-O desserts, fruit cakes because of their water solubility. Thanks for making them available online and at great prices.

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