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How to Make Custom Edible Logo Cookies, Team Logos, Company Logos using Frosting Sheets or Wafer Paper

Mar 24,2017

Take your branding to a whole new level with Icinginks' custom edible logo cookies. Our edible images for cookies are made with high-quality ingredients and are a perfect match for any celebration. From birthday parties and weddings to corporate events, these personalized cookies stand out, leave a lasting impression on your guests, and sweeten up your moments.There are several methods to create custom edible logo cookies using frosting sheets, but the application of these sheets differs in each technique. Here we are sharing one of the methods we like the most and the easiest and neat way to make logo cookies. So Read More

How To Refill Edible Ink Cartridges

Mar 20,2017

Edible inks, a unique blend of food coloring specifically designed for printing on frosting sheets, wafer paper and chocolate transfer sheets, add a vibrant touch to cake decorations. These inks are formulated to retain their color on edible sheets. If you're a cake decorator using an edible printer, you've probably realized that refilling your ink cartridges is a great way to save money. Our interactive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of refilling your edible ink cartridges, helping you create beautiful, cost-effective cake designs. Step 1: Gather Your Supplies To begin refilling your edible ink cartridges, you'll n Read More

How to Use Frosting Sheets

Mar 14,2017

Cakes can be decorated quickly and easily with edible frosting sheets. These decorations are simple to use and add a wow factor to a cake with little effort. Pre-designed pictures, for example, characters, birthday messages, etc., can be purchased to suit any celebration theme. With our custom printing service, you can turn a photo into an edible design for your cake to make it more unique. A frosted treat or cupcake can be pleasantly enhanced with a few smaller edible images. It doesn't matter how you use these edible frosting sheets; they're sure to amaze. Following the tips carefully is important when you buy edible sheets online. Here Read More

How To Avoid Clogging Of Edible Printers?

Mar 09,2017

Edible printers should be regularly cleaned and maintained to avoid the clogging problem of edible print. It includes cleaning the print heads and nozzle and ensuring that the ink cartridges are not low or empty. Additionally, using high-quality edible ink cartridges designed explicitly for edible printers can help prevent clogging. Using the correct type of icing sheets or wafer paper is also essential, as using too thick or too thin can also cause clogging.If your printer is not yielding hues accurately and your nozzle test is not demonstrating all the cartridge hues, you will likely need to clean your print head. Why does Read More

How to Set-up a Cake Printer

Feb 21,2017

Cake printers have revolutionized the cake decorating industrySet-up a Cake Printer by allowing bakers to print custom designs and images directly onto their cakes.Whether you're a seasoned baker or just starting, an edible printer setup can be intimidating. However, with the right steps, you'll have your printer up and running in no time! Step 1: Gather All the Necessary Materials Before you start setting up your cake printer, make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. It includes the printer, ink cartridges, cake board, software, and other accessories such as frosting sheets or edible paper. Step 2: Let's Begin the Install Read More

How To Color, Cut and Apply Frosting Sheets

Feb 21,2017

A frosting sheet is a printable, thin sheet of adaptable icing that clings effortlessly to buttercream, fondant, chocolate, isomalt, and royal icing. A plastic sheet holds the icing in place until you can work with it.If you want to color the matte surface of the icing sheet, you can use petals and shine cleans, shine sprays, food coloring markers, or a printer with edible inks. COLORING OF FROSTING SHEETS You can add color to an edible icing sheet in a few different ways: 1. Thin with clear alcohol or concentrates for bolder, soaked hues or apply with clean, dry paintbrushes for an obscure, shady appearance.2. Use implements a few inche Read More

How Working with Edible Printer and Photo Cake Printer is Bliss!

Feb 21,2017

Edible printers are the magic of technology enabling us to create gorgeous photo printed cakes. The printer uses edible food color cartridges and is absolutely safe. You can use the printers at home to decorate cakes and bakery products easily. Home bakers can now make professional-looking cakes as the printers demand no specific skillset.Use the printers to print images on edible frosting sheets and wafer sheets and set over cakes. It’s that easy to use! The technology is perfect to give a finishing touch to any cake and sweet treats. Colored buttercream, foam, precise piping bags-you don’t need all the hassles to beautify your c Read More

Edible Decorators Make Your Cakes More Attractive

Feb 10,2017

There are many products we can use as toppers, such as chocolate, sweets, and even natural products. An edible cake topper gives your cake the perfect finishing touch. To make your toppers, you can use natural products such as marzipan or chocolate. Chocolate can be an extraordinary topper since it can be shaped according to the design that you have. Additionally, you can use edible paint to give the chocolate a unique color. It's crucial to learn how to cut organic products stylishly if you're going to use them as toppers. To make food look appealing and reasonable for the cake that you are baking, you have to know how to cut it appropriatel Read More

Frosting Sheets for Cake Decoration

Feb 10,2017

Have you ever tried frosting sheets for cake decoration? If you have never worked with sugar sheets or frosting sheets, then you are in for a genuine treat. These consumable papers are used in more than one way for cake decorations. These edible papers are simple to use and add a wow factor to the cake with little effort. Have a digital image or any camera picture turned into an edible image using Icinginks frosting sheets. Print the sheets with edible ink printers or paint with edible colors. Each frosting sheet by Icinginks is made as a very thin piece of flavorless icing, white in color with a plastic backing sheet that easily adheres t Read More

How To Fix The Color Issues With Edible Image Printing

Jan 16,2017

The use of edible images has enabled desserts to reach the pinnacle of perfection. It is not uncommon to see different colors on your printed frosting sheets. Below is an example of the problem:In the rush to create the perfect edible image on one's wafers or icing sheets, they often face detestation and achieve something far from what they had imagined. In order to achieve the desired results, it is very likely that the colors will not match the chosen colors, the printer may not produce the desired splashes, or the images will appear darker than expected. You no longer have to deal with hassles. There is a solution to fix faded print Read More