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How to Use Edible Sheets to Create Decorative Cakes & Cookies?

Feb 13,2020

Look or taste - what is most appealing aspect about a chocolate? In fact, both contribute to its worth. However, in the first instance, it’s the look that triggers the psychological feeling and craving inside us. Food companies control the mind of consumers with texture and design. Here are five ways to make it happen with edible sheet chocolate decoration. #1. Use Edible Sheets to Create a Neat-N-Clean Design We all know how important hygiene is for good health. Cheers! It does wonders for your bakery products too. With a clean decorative idea, you can make your chocolate not just more attractive but more loveable. Edible printers Read More

How to use Poppy Paints on Cake and Cookies

Feb 13,2020

Have you ever wished for a magical, fast-drying paint that makes your creations look like edible works of art? Well, guess what? Your wish has come true with the incredible Poppy Edible Paints! Thanks to its alcohol-based applicability, the edible Poppy Paint is dry lightning-fast, making the decoration a breeze. No more worrying about smudging or rubbing once the paint has set. Your cakes and cookies are about to reach a new level of beauty! Now, let me share some exclusive tips from the experts at Icinginks, the leading vendor of edible ink, edible printers, and edible sheets, to help you unlock the full potential of thes Read More

Steps to Use the Icinginks Edible Designing Software

Feb 10,2020

Your search for an edible image printing service online comes to an end with Icinginks Edible Designing Software. It’s a browser-based software so you do not need any kind of software installation. Just with an active Internet connection, you can access it anywhere, anytime with your browser. Currently, it’s supported on Google Chrome browser only. Here are steps to use this software to create custom printed edible cake toppers or edible pictures for cakes. #1. Log in to your Icinginks Edible Designing Software Open Google Chrome and enter https://www.icinginks.com/edible-designing/ in the URL address bar. Using a valid creden Read More

How to Paint Fondant With Food Coloring

Jan 31,2020

Not just can you shape your fondant the way you want but also complement the design with the right colors. Here is how to do it smartly. There are two ways: transferring image from an edible sheet, or applying poppy paints directly on to its surface. Whatever you choose, you need to get the fondant ready in the first place. Making the fondant well The fondant serves as the foundation of your cake decoration; hence, it must be prepared well using the right ingredients. There are two types of fondant, viz., poured and rolled. You need the latter to decorate it with paint. Glucose sugar, water and corn syrup are the usual ingredients but to m Read More

Valentine’s Day Cake Ideas by Icinginks

Jan 27,2020

Love is in the air! It’s the time to melt the lover’s heart by pampering her with all her favourite goodies. Create gorgeous photo cakes and imaginatively decorated cakes with hearts, flowers, teddys and all those lovable things that girls adore. Watch her squeal in delight! Icinginks’ mind-blowing range of sophisticated latest cake printers, high quality edible ink cartridges, edible markers, edible frosting sheets, wafer sheets and more help you create the most stunning designer cakes at home or your confectionary shop. Celebrate the year’s most favorite love festival with the most amazing cakes you can offer your Read More

How to Use Edible Ink to Print Pictures on Cake or Food

Jan 14,2020

If you want to create your cake or any other confectionary item for a family or social celebration, but think you can’t make it impressive, you could be wrong! Spare a few minutes to learn the decoration idea using edible ink and derive the confidence you need. 1.    Get Everything at One Place From edible food printer to edible ink printer sheet to edible ink itself – you need all to print pictures you want on your cake or food. When you invest in edible supplies, you should be a little smart. Do not get tempted by lucrative offer. Instead, buy what you need. Going with a combo printer offer that helps you get al Read More

Get Ready to Wow with These Spectacular New Year Cake Decorating Ideas for 2024!

Dec 27,2019

As New Year's Eve approaches, envision starting 2024 with a magnificent cake that steals the spotlight. This isn't just about a simple cake; it's an opportunity to craft a show-stopping centerpiece that satisfies taste buds and embodies the essence of your celebrations. Cake design goes beyond the basics of baking; it's an art form that transforms ordinary ingredients into a delicious work of art, encapsulating the anticipation and excitement for the fresh year ahead. Think about the lively ambiance of New Year's Eve – the laughter, the hopeful spirit, and the anticipation of what's to come. Now, picture a cake at the heart of it all Read More

Best Edible Printers for Professional and Home Bakers

Dec 25,2019

Technology has permeated our business as well as home spaces. When it comes to delicious decorated food, we can’t overlook the importance of the edible printing technology. As the countdown to the new year and new beginning comes to an end, Icinginks steps into the innovation unfolding in the edible printing segment. Take a look at the best edible printers for professional and home bakers in 2020. Canon PIXMA TS6120/TS6220 Wireless Edible Photo Printer Price: $178 (Bundled Offer, includes 5 Xlarge sized filled cartridges) For years, PIXMA has been one of the most successful printer series from Canon. Now, get access to the sam Read More

Christmas Cake Ideas By Icinginks

Dec 23,2019

Christmas is about enjoying the fascinating array of food and gifts apart from spectacular lighting, decorations, celebrations, and more. And it is also about baking fabulous cakes and decorating them with Christmas motifs, ornaments, and of course, Santa Claus Decorate Your Christmas Cake with Icinginks Image Source:Christmas.365greetings Icinginks has a mind-blowing range of sophisticated latest cake printers, high-quality edible ink cartridges, edible markers, frosting sheets, wafer sheets, and more to help you create the most stunning Christmas cake designs at home or in your confectionary shop. Ring in Christmas this ye Read More

How to Draw on Food with Food Pens?

Dec 19,2019

The sight of exquisitely designed cakes, cupcakes, or cookies is truly delightful and can stimulate the appetite. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any other celebration, you can personalize it with wonderful edible art made using food decorator pens. Engage your kids in the artwork. They will enjoy it the most and, of course, learn a lot from the exercise. What Are Food Decorator Pens? If this is the first time you have heard about food decorator pens or cake pens, before going further into their usability, it's important to learn what they are.  Food decorator pens, like whiteboard markers, enable users to write Read More