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How to make edible image candy apples by Icinginks

Apr 15,2018

Today, we are sharing how to make edible image candy apples in any color with you. Candy apples, also known as toffee apples, are fresh whole apples that covered with a hard coating of sugar candy or toffee covering with a stick in its center to pick it up. According to Icinginks™, the dessert is valuable for enjoying the fruits in a fantastically different way. You may customize it with selfies of you, your family members, kids or friends on it. How to make candy apples: You need the following items for preparing candy apples: • Fresh and big apples • Candy sugar • Light corn syrup • Freshwater • Any Food color Read More

How to make edible butterflies and flowers using Wafer Paper by Icinginks

Apr 09,2018

You may give surprise to your kids by presenting them edible butterflies, flowers, and butterfly decorated cakes on their birthdays. Butterflies are attractive insects that love flowers. They feed on nectar in flowers. The beautiful insects are often seen in gardens. The colorful themes of butterflies are also used to decorate cakes, pastries, and cookies too. The 3D shapes can be made by help of Icinginks Edible Wafer papers and edible printers. You need following tools to make the edible flowers and butterflies: 1. Colorless Wafer paper sheets 2. Edible Printer 3. Edible ink Cartridges 4. Scissors 5. Brush 6. Water 7. Edible Glue 8. Edible Read More

How to use Icinginks Edible Cleaning Cartridges?

Apr 06,2018

Edible ink printers are incredible tools for numerous bakeries across the world associated with advanced cake preparation and decoration. The Icinginks edible ink printers provide a smart solution to the custom decoration of your cakes and cookies or any dessert. The cake printers nowadays becoming an integral part of most bakeries and modern kitchens due to the increasing trend of personalizing foods.You can customize macarons, rice Krispy treats, chocolate-covered oreo’s, cookies, cake pops, candy apples, strawberries, cakes, cupcakes, etc. using edible cake printers. Let your creative imaginations guide you on the way. Edible print Read More

An edible selfie on your cake by Icinginks

Mar 30,2018

An edible selfie on your cake by Icinginks The advancement in digital technology also allows you for enjoying numerous events, in a different style, such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries that involve smart decoration of cakes nowadays. There are many ideas associated with the smart beautification of the loaves. The adornment of the foodstuffs with your selfie is quite a different idea according to Icinginks™. People often share the photo on different social networking sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram. A selfie is a photograph that captured with a smartphone or digital camera by an individual whose image is also v Read More

National Peanut Month Celebration with peanut loaded cakes by Icinginks

Mar 27,2018

National Peanut Month, the March is being celebrated through America while supported by APPA (Alabama Peanut Producers Association) for getting health benefits of the America’s preferred snack foods. The Peanut Month is devoted to the delicious as well as the nutritious nut. The Icinginks also supports the people all over the world who participate in the month-long celebrations by enjoying its numerous dishes and culture. The nut is loaded with oil, proteins, and minerals plus vitamins. It is enjoyed after being roasted and salted. They are too delicious that if you start eating it, then you could not stop yourself till it ends in Read More

Wedding cake trends this season by Icinginks

Mar 22,2018

While preparing for your wedding, you might also need a nice themed cake. In addition to Instagram, you may want to look at some social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter for some ideas. Fig Cake Is Trending This Wedding Season According to a recent report delivered by Pinterest, the couples are showing interest in a special cake type. The study reflects the news while considering the company’s hottest wedding trends especially in the seasons of the first three months. They assumed that they were talking about minimum floral preparations and one of the most preferred wedding cake styles of this season-the fig cake.D Read More

International Day of Happiness Cake

Mar 21,2018

Every March 20, do also mark the International Day of Happiness. The day is also celebrated as World Storytelling Day, Proposal Day, and Kiss Your Fiancé Day. Moreover, it also marks the end of winter through the seasonal change from winter into spring, and Americans also Swiss, rejoice it as Snowman Burning Day. As happiness is essential for our good health and to offer it a global awareness, Jayme Illien, special advisor-United Nations, had founded the celebration during 2011. In medical, happiness is an emotional state of well-being and intense joy. There come several joyful moments in our life including weddings, jobs, and birthday Read More

Saint Patrick’s Day cake and Cookies by Icinginks

Mar 15,2018

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated globally as well as annually around or on March 17. It especially remembers the demise of St. Patrick, one of the most beloved of Ireland’s patron saints. It is also known as the St. Paddy Day or Paddy Day popularly. The event is jubilated through cultural parades, musical bands, and dancing parties besides special foods and entirely a lot of green. A well-decorated Saint Patrick’s Day cake is the best addition to the celebration. Wearing green outfits and eating desserts of green color is a trend and you can easily make a Saint Patrick’s Day cake with Icinginks cake tools and suppl Read More

Celebrate “Learn About Butterflies Day” With Cakes & Cookies: Icinginks Guide

Mar 12,2018

Butterflies have always been signified in literature in many ways. More importantly, they are an integral part of our ecosystem. Every March 14th, we celebrate “Learn about the Butterflies Day” to spread awareness about these beautiful fascinating creatures. With tasty treats and beautiful cakes like the butterflies themselves, you can celebrate the day with kids and have some fun learning about them.Butterflies are living fairies of nature. Kids always love watching as well as catching butterflies and be amazed by them. There are over 20,000 species of butterflies across the world. So, you can incorporate any of them into the c Read More

How to Decorate a Birthday Cake’s Top with a Barbie Image?

Mar 08,2018

Barbie's official birthday is celebrated annually on March 9th, when the iconic fashion doll was first introduced at the American International Toy Fair in New York by Mattel, Inc., a leading US-based toy manufacturer, in 1959. Known for their popularity among teenagers, Barbie dolls remain a beloved plaything for many young girls.If your daughter is a fan of these dolls and you are looking for Barbie cake decoration ideas, then don't worry. We got you covered. Several Barbie-themed cakes are available but are too expensive, and sometimes you may not get what you are looking for. This time try making a personal effort and consi Read More