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A Guide to Removing the Edible Image from the Backing Paper

Aug 27,2019

Edible image printing helps you personalize your celebrations asides from being great fun to indulge in. However, most people new to edible printing have trouble transferring the edible image onto their cake, cupcake or cookie. Frosting sheets, in particular, have a thin layer of frosting and a plastic/translucent backing paper behind them. This paper needs to be peeled off so that the image settles onto the food surface. This article attempts to explain the procedure to be followed when removing the edible image from its backing paper. How is an Edible Image Printed?An edible image is printed on special inkjet printers that use edible ink s Read More

5 Ways to Decorate Edible Icing Sheets Other Than Printing Images

Aug 20,2019

Decorating cakes with edible icing sheets can produce some of the most amazing and beautiful cake art. Using different kinds of prints and making cutouts from them to enhance the appearance of your cake is always a good idea. However, do you know that there are so much more you can do with frosting sheets other than to print images on them?Icing sheets are in all aspects like ordinary printer papers, except of course they are edible. Therefore, you have the liberty to make art on them with different kinds of edible mediums like edible colors, edible pens, edible markers, etc.Creating art on sugar sheets gives a more handmade feel to the overa Read More

Icing Sheet or Wafer Paper – Which Edible Paper to Use and When?

Aug 19,2019

Cakes make every occasion special, no surprise there, and if those cakes look good, it enhances your delight as well as the craving for them too. Whether it is the frosting, the decoration, the colors or certain shapes and figures, fancy, glitzy cakes have always been the show stoppers at all kinds of parties.As you must have already known, there are numerous methods to decorate your cake. However, one of the popular decoration methods remains using edible images. Different kinds of edible images of shapes, sizes, and colors can be printed on edible papers.Good quality edible sheets produce vivid and vibrant colors, which are as real as Read More

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Edible Image Printing

Aug 08,2019

We al alt="8 Do’s and Don’ts of Edible Image Printing"l know that in the world of sweets, looks and taste are everything. But how can we take our cakes to the next level and make them stand out from the crowd? Enter— edible paper printing! If you're dabbling in the world of edible paper printing, it's crucial to be extra mindful of how you use and implement it. With the health-conscious crowd rising, winning over your customer's trust and coming out on top in the confectionary game is important.  So, let's get creative and whip up some delicious goodies that look and taste amazing and leave us feeling guilt-fre Read More

Edible Ink Printer or Edible Food Printer – How to Decide

Jul 25,2019

Let's toast the modern culinary artists who craft food and edible masterpieces that mark life's significant moments. A cake adorned with personalized edible images, cupcakes with edible portraits, or cookies that wear their edible art doesn't just look aesthetic but also carry an emotional value. These edible creations made possible with the help of a food printer, make every special occasion truly unforgettable.  Regardless of age or background, the allure of food printing has caught everyone's attention, leaving us in awe. But, while buying printed delicacies from the local bakery might seem convenient, why not inject exci Read More

How to Choose the Right Edible Ink Printer for You

Jul 15,2019

Not every edible ink printer marketed as the best may be suitable for your requirements. If you’re a professional baker, you would want your printer to churn out fast, vivid prints, Wi-Fi for customer image transfers, USB transfer of smartphone images, and responsible ink consumption. Large bakeries may be serving hundreds of orders every day. They may even need direct-to-food printers for at-the-counter preparation of printed cookies or coffee. In this latter case, a $250 investment in a low-end printer is a waste of money. It does not enhance the quality or productivity of your work. And it makes for long, unhappy queues and disgruntl Read More

5 Things to do when running your own Cake Business

Jul 03,2019

If you are a fan of baking or bakery products then a cake store could be one of your most lucrative business ideas. Although commercial bakers have traditionally dominated the cake industry, a host of smaller businesses are gradually taking over. One of the principal reasons for this trend is the rising trends toward customization, edible image printed cakes being one of the most visible. There is no dearth of niche categories available for the cake baker and your uniqueness is limited only by your own creativity. The greater the number of cake design ideas you have the greater the number of occasions you’ll be able to cover, and the gr Read More

Five Popular Movies and Series Based Edible Image Designs

Jun 19,2019

Do you have an occasion to celebrate but are having trouble getting a hold of friends and co-workers to come to your party? If so then read on to find some great themes that will make you popular very quickly and have your party attendance swelling in no time. All partygoers want to have fun. Office goers, in particular, want a party theme that is different from the mundane. And, what better way to escape the daily grind than an expedition into the realm of fantasy? Movies and Web series make for great popular culture. The most successful ones resonate with the greatest number of people. And that is your key to being popular. What y Read More

Simple Ideas for Modern Cake Decoration

May 29,2019

The purpose of cakes has changed from feeding people to celebrating special occasions. Keeping with the trend, today's cake decorating is all about visual appeal. Customizing the top of the cake with printed edible frosting sheets is very easy with an edible cake printer. Everyone appreciates this idea regardless of their generation.It is simple to understand. Your younger audience will likely be more creative if you're baking for them. Therefore, they are likely to be excited when they order their favorite Disney characters for a party treat.Old people, too, have a lot of memories. Using cake printers, you can display their favorite photog Read More

Top 10 Trendiest Edible Printer Bundles of 2019 by Icinginks

May 22,2019

When it comes to having some of the most eye-popping and visually tempting delicious cakes, you don't need a reason to celebrate. After all, having some sweetness in life once in a while is always a good idea, isn't it? Summers call for chilled drinks, cool cocktails, and sweet savories. Therefore, if you are having a sudden craving for cakes, cupcakes or anything sweet like that, blame it on summers! However, if you are one of those who like to decorate your favorite dessert and make yourself or your friends and family happy, we have got something for you that is just irresistible! Whether you like to design your own cakes as a hob Read More