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How to use Icing Sheets for cookies and photo cakes

Sep 21,2017

Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or any other important event, there is always a huge nostalgia that is attached towards such events. To take such an event towards to the next level and make it very special, you surely need a cake that is both unique and personalized. This can be done using an edible printer that can print edible images on edible frosting sheets. It is often said that baking is useless without the art of representation. Frostings to cakes are similar to symphonies & metaphors to poems; they are like Jules to cakes as they greatly enhance their beauty. There is a lot of craze for photos on cakes and this craze Read More

Edible Image Printing Service: Get High-Quality Prints for Cakes

Jul 21,2017

Want to celebrate in style with edible prints on cakes? A customized edible image printing service can make your birthday, anniversary, graduations, and corporate events extraordinary. With your photo on cakes and cookies, Icinginks is the best place for you to shop around for the best quality edible images and cake prints. We print edible images for the customers offering them low prices for custom edible printing of the photos to adorn your cakes. We use prime quality icing sheets and the best quality palatable shading edible cartridges to print your pictures. We Use Canon Printers and Specialized Icinginks Edible Inks: Icinginks has an a Read More

How To Use Pre Cut Frosting Sheets Using Templates?

May 24,2017

Pre-cut circular frosting sheets are a variety from the full page icing sheets that comes with different sizes of circles, ready to be printed. These are otherwise called pre-cut icing sheets or cookies circle sheets. You can get them in various estimated circles at Icinginks. Being pre-cut, you don't have to cut them separately after the sheets are printed. Just peel off the printed circles utilizing our layouts and place them over your sweet treats. Pre-cut frosting sheets have helped the majority of the organizations, military, sports groups, and so on to print their logos for specific occasions. With them, you can avoid the extra ste Read More

The Most Common Problems & Solutions While Using Edible Ink Printers

Apr 22,2017

It's fun, it's cool, it adds a memorable experience to any kind of celebration. Edible ink printers make your wildest dreams possible when it comes to decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies or other desserts. If you are having a party, no matter whatever the occasion is, with edible printed cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, no one with ask for a cherry on the top. You can print exactly what you want without having to compromise with your choice. However, you must also consider how much edible images you would be printing. If you need a cake topper once a month or once in 3-4months, go for custom edible printing services. Now, if you are thinking Read More

How to Use Edible Frosting Sheets?

Apr 18,2017

Edible frosting sheets are used for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and any confectionary that you want to give a custom design. The sugar papers are simple to use and add a wow factor to the cake with little effort. To make a cake extra special, you can have a digital image or any camera picture turned into an edible design using Icinginks Edible Printer Package. Each frosting sheet by Icinginks is made as a very thin piece of flavorless icing, white in color with a plastic backing sheet that easily adheres to buttercream, fondant, chocolate, isomalt, and royal icing. Frosting sheets come with a plastic backing that helps keep the fr Read More

Printhead Problem: Complete Icinginks Guide to unclog printheads

Apr 08,2017

Printhead of an edible printer is often clogged due to the nature of the edible ink and improper maintenance. Edible ink printers are a great medium for converting your camera images into edible images. To avoid any clogging with your printhead either you keep it running every day or use Edible cleaning cartridges. If your colors are not coming correct or your magenta is not deep magenta, black is printing faded prints, pink prints orange that means you need to perform cleaning. Edible inks are food-grade coloring made using extracts of sugar and artificial food colors that contain fixings that can crystallize when temperatures either get Read More

Create Professional Edible Images Using Icinginks Best Canon Edible Printer & Frosting Sheets

Apr 06,2017

Have you ever wanted to add a personal touch to your cakes? Well, look no further! Icinginks frosting sheets and edible printer systems bring your wildest baking dreams to life. Now create one-of-a-kind cakes, cookies, and sweet treats adorned with your favorite personalized pictures.Whether it's a special occasion or a birthday bash, our edible printer system allows you to craft exceptional cakes with delightful edible images on top.We all know that the demand for these picture-edible treats is skyrocketing. But don't worry! We have got you covered with our top-of-the-line frosting sheets, wafer Read More

Premium Quality Edible Marker and Pens Online

Apr 04,2017

Edible pens and edible markers can be used to decorate molded candy and dipped treats with edible messages and designs. In addition to fondant, icing, cookies, and many other foods, you can draw with these edible ink markers on toast, pastries, cheese, fruit slices, and bread. The Icinginks edible ink pens and markers allow you to easily paint complex details onto your baked creations. Using an edible marker is the perfect way to decorate food instantly. Different types of edible markers and pens: 1. Edible Ink Markers - Fine Tip The standard tips offered by Icinginks are of premium quality. Edible ink markers can be used to Read More

Where Can I Buy Edible Printer?

Apr 03,2017

You can buy latest, best quality and wireless edible printers at low prices from our online store. We are well known for supplying quality edible cakes decoration goods such as Edible inks, Edible Printers, Edible papers/Icing sheets/Frosting sheets, Wafer papers and Chocolate transfer sheets. These Edible cake printers can be used with following types of edible and transfer sheets:Wafer SheetsFrosting sheetsRice PaperChocolate Transfer SheetsSugar SheetsThe printed edible images are applied on cupcakes, cakes, cookies, royal icings, buttercream, whipped cream, etc. Different types of edible printers we carry:1. Canon Edible Ink Printers - Read More

How to Print Edible Images for Cakes Using Frosting Sheets, Icing Sheets or Wafer Paper?

Mar 29,2017

Edible printing is the technique that allows you to print your own digital pictures and eat them too. You can print them using Icinginks specialized edible printers and icing sheets. The initial process is the same as if you are used to printing regular images. The only thing that differs is the edible cartridges and the paper. Instead of regular cartridges, you need food-grade edible coloring ink cartridges and instead of regular paper, you need edible printable papers i.e frosting sheets or wafer papers. Things Required for Printing Edible Images:  A photo which you want to print on the cake.Edible Printable Sheets: Buy online wafe Read More