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How to Attach Edible Sugar Sheets to Fondant

Oct 19,2021

As much as we like seeing our cakes decorated with all kinds of amazing images, logos, and texts, it can be a bit difficult sometimes to apply an edible image to a cake surface. It only gets trickier if it's a fondant-based cake. We love the fondant cakes. The delicious, irresistible icing comes in a multitude of flavors-Be it the ever-favorite conventional chocolate, vanilla, and butterscotch, or the more exotic fruit-based ones such as strawberry, kiwi, and banana. Our love for fondant cakes knows no bounds. Hence, it is kind of apparent that when you are all set to throw a party for any kind of celebration, you would love to serve your Read More

4 Tips to Glorify Your Drinks with Cocktail Toppers Icinginks Guide

Oct 07,2021

“No amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well-made cocktail.” There is a significant possibility that when David Sedaris, the renowned American humorist, comedian, radio personality, and author of ‘Santaland Diaries’ said that, even he might not have been aware of the exact intensity of his statement. Cocktails do heal, there is absolutely no doubt about that. The kind of calm and soothing effect the well-concocted ones bring you is just unexplainable in words.  And they are the showstoppers of evening parties of all sorts – birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days, corporate ev Read More

All You Can Do with Wafer paper: Icinginks Guide

Sep 29,2021

We have talked enough about what are Wafer Papers and what are they made of. If you are new to Icinginks and to cake decorations altogether, check out the end of the blog for references. Today I am going to tell you everything you can do with the edible wafer sheets. They are made with all edible materials and look like regular paper. You can fold them, mold them and decorate them at your will. You can paint or print on them with the right tools & supplies. Working with the versatile edible sheets you need to keep a few tools handy. For the very basic edible decorations to craft, you will need edible glue, edible paints, and a pair o Read More

Why Icinginks Chocolate Transfer Sheets are Special?

Sep 20,2021

We love chocolate. It is actually kind of difficult to find a person who doesn't love chocolate in one form or another. Whether it be the good old chocolate bar, or the kid's favorite choco-sticks, or the ever romantic chocolate balls, or the super popular chocolate chips, it would take an extraordinary amount of sheer will and determination to resist this kind of delicacies. Therefore, when it comes to other favorite desserts such as cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, adding chocolate to them is always a good idea. And that's where the chocolate transfer sheets come in handy. First thing first, what exactly is a chocolate transfer sheet? Si Read More

How To Plan A Party Last moment With Online Cake & Cookie Supply Stores?

Sep 14,2021

My my my! It’s a birthday! Where’s the cake? Did you forget to plan? Wait! Don’t panic. Here in this article, I’m not explaining how to plan a party but how to arrange one on short notice. We are going to explore two situations of last-minute planning. One is when you have just the final day and one where you have 2-3 days in hand. These tips will help with any kinds of parties, including birthdays, memorials, farewells, special occasions, or corporate events. No matter what the scenario, you are going to need some basic party Items such as, A guest list. Since we are talking about a last-minute arrangement, you Read More

How to Make Custom Chocolate Covered Oreos

Sep 09,2021

Oreos – Now that's a cookie that is loved by all. Whether you are an office-going adult or a Spider-Man-watching school kid, it's kind of hard to say no to an Oreo, isn't it? So, what can be better than an Oreo? A chocolate-covered Oreo, of course! Most of us have tasted this delicious upgrade at least once. But boy, aren’t they kind of overpriced at those candy and confectionary shops? Why not try it at home then! In this article, we are going to learn one of the easiest custom chocolate-covered Oreo recipes that can be made at home. And don't worry, you don't have to be a pro pastry chef to make this one. So, let’s Read More

Top Reasons Why You Should Print Photos on Cakes

Aug 12,2021

Printing photos on the cake is forever fashionable. You can create any design on a cake but when there is someone’s memory or face attached to it, the cake takes another turn. A customized photo cake is attractive, personal, and has the potential to make someone feel special. Any cake can be decorated with an edible image. Reasons To Get an Edible Photo Printed Cake: Photo Printed Cakes Have a Lasting Impression The photo printed cake is so popular because it has its special way to be memorable. When you cut a customized photo on a cake, it becomes more than a traditionally iced cake. It leaves a lasting memory in people Read More

Tips To Bake the Perfect Cake with Decorating Tools and Mold

Aug 10,2021

Decorating your cakes and cookies is a mandate today. There are thousands of ways that you can make your cake gorgeous. With the help of social media, pastry chefs over the world are coming up with new design trends every now and then. Cake decoration is a legit business these days. However, to follow the trends, you must have some standard tools. Cake decorating tools like cake stand and piping bags and tips, silicone cake molds, cake airbrush kits, edible image printers, sugar sheets, edible colors and inks, edible markers are a few to name. Here is how you can utilize these tools to create a perfectly decorated cake for any occasion. Read More

Ultimate Guide to Use Edible Ink Pens and Markers

Aug 09,2021

Think how wonderful it feels to use a pen and markers to draw a design. Wish if you could do the same to decorate cakes and cookies. Those small spots and details can do wonders. It’s possible because of the Edible Ink Pens and Markers. Using these edible markers, you can draw in beautiful royal icing or even buttercream frosting. Here is everything you need to know about Edible Ink Pen and Markers. What are the Ideal Surfaces for an Edible Pen? The concept of the edible pen is that it can be used as easily as regular markers on any regular solid surface. Clearly, the edible pens need a solid smooth surface to write on. It cannot be a Read More

Perks of Customized Cookies for Corporate Event

Aug 09,2021

The presentations are ready and you have curated the best corporate event. But how are you planning to make it any different? Anyone can print their logo on notebooks, napkins, banners, etc. but custom logo cookies are the most delicious way to grab everyone’s attention. Corporate meetings often become boring and guests are only interested in the snacks. Introducing custom cookies will allow you to position your brand in a better and friendly way. What Makes a Bunch of Custom Cookies So Special? Custom print cookies have many benefits. You can get it in different shapes as well. Icinginks provides custom printed round cookies Read More