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Different Types of Birthday Cakes You Can Make for Your Children

May 20,2020

Looking for cake ideas for your kid’s birthday?Well, we have got you covered! Whether you are thinking of a basic cake or a tropical island cake, we have got the cake inspirations for you.We have made a list of some of the most amazing yet exciting cakes to choose from and they have all got the WOW-factor. These cakes are easy to make. Some of these cakes are a fun twist on a traditional cake – my kids love to mix it up and try different things. Watch your kid’s happiness when they spot the birthday cake baked by you.Rainbow cakePerfect for a party, you will be proud to bake this rainbow-speckled cake. Make colorful layers u Read More

How to Make Edible Drink Toppers?

May 04,2020

Make your drink more intense with edible drink toppers. The toppers work best on frothy and creamy surfaces. Cappuccino, latte, smoothie, and frothy cocktails.  Made from corn-based fondant material and edible inks, cocktail toppers are fun, vibrant, and ready to set the mood on any occasion. Icinginks Cocktail Toppers come in a variety of designs with customizing options. Icinginks edible toppers are made of edible ink and corn-based baking fondant and can be customized with your images to make any occasion memorable. They come in an assortment of pre-defined cocktail designs plus you have an option to mail or upload the image with you Read More

How to Use Edible Paints?

Apr 16,2020

Edible Paints make everything look beautiful whether it is cake, cookie or any other savory. Wondering how to use edible colors to make your food look beautiful and tasty at the same time. Whenever you are working edible paint, understanding the correct use of this food coloring is essential. While most bakers use liquid color, there are various options for coloring food as each has its own benefits and whims. Here are a few tips to use edible paints correctly: 1. Icinginks edible paint comes in a small bottle which is easy to hold. Shake the bottle well as shaking ensures the liquid and solid ingredients mix together to form a good densi Read More

Frosting Sheets or Wafer Sheets – What Works Best for Decorating Cakes

Apr 02,2020

When it comes to decorating cakes, there is a multitude of ways to add some flair to your baked masterpiece. But over the years, edible images have gained immense popularity.  It is a creative technique to print images onto edible sheets, such as frosting sheets or wafer sheets, to create stunning, personalized designs that are sure to impress. On top of that, for an attractive and delicious finish, edible icing is used to decorate cakes. Two main types of edible sheets are available on the market: Frosting Sheets and Wafer Sheets. However, one must consider some important factors when selecting the right type of edible sheet.&n Read More

Edible Artistry Unleashed: 5 Trending Cake Decorating Ideas for 2024

Mar 31,2020

Cake decoration is more than an art form; it's a joyous celebration of creativity that elevates every occasion. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any cherished moment, a beautifully adorned cake is the centerpiece that transforms gatherings into unforgettable memories. It's a canvas where bakers and decorators don their artistic aprons, using their skills to craft edible masterpieces that leave an indelible mark. As we venture into the vibrant canvas of 2024, this cherished craft embraces a new dimension, gracefully intertwining tradition with innovation, transcending the boundaries of taste and artistry. All of this is ma Read More

How Far in Advance can you Apply an Edible Image on a Cake?

Mar 20,2020

Edible sheets are an innovation that came into existence with printers that could print on sugar sheets. There are several factors that influence the quality and stability of your edible sheets and how the final result looks after a certain time. Read on to know more: Storage Conditions To begin with, edible sheets should be stored properly to retain its objective of staying fresh and be easy to peel off. Any contact with moisture will damage the sheet and make it difficult to apply on your frosting or cake surface. Even though edible sheets have a shelf life of 6-12 months when stored in ideal conditions such as storage in secure airlock Read More

Top 5 Wedding Cake Trends 2020

Feb 25,2020

Wedding is the most auspicious moment of a couple’s life and wedding cake is the center of attention of all the sumptuous foods that are on the table for guests. Hence, it’s important to pay attention to the wedding cake design. Top 5 Wedding cake trends 2020 post aims at helping parents, couples and event planners to make a difference to the event. 1.    Ferns and Botanical-Themed Wedding Cakes Ferns and petals creeping on walls and trees are bound to attract our attention. Ever thought that the same can be translated to your wedding cake? Dedicate your wedding to nature with this botanical-themed wedding cake. U Read More

Revolutionizing Cake Decorating: The Advantages of Wide Format Edible Printers

Feb 17,2020

Creating stunning, personalized cakes has become an art form in the ever-evolving world of baking and confectionery. As technology advances, so does the ability to elevate these sweet creations to new heights. Among the latest innovations in the baking industry is the wide format edible printer, a game-changer for pastry chefs, home bakers, and confectioners alike. Edible printers, particularly wide format models, have gained immense popularity recently for their ability to print high-resolution images and designs directly onto edible paper using edible ink. These printers have revolutionized the way cakes and other confectioneries are dec Read More

How Does Edible Ink Cleaning Cartridges Add to the Life of Edible Printer?

Feb 17,2020

Cleanliness is next to godliness. To many, it might be a cliched term. Still, being into the business of edible supplies, at Icingkinks, we have been amazed by the performance of printers shipped where their owners take cleaning cartridges seriously.  Edible printer maintenance is essential for producing high-quality edible prints. Let's explore the importance of edible ink cleaning cartridges, printer printhead cleaning, and more for a smooth-running printer. Follow these simple steps and extend the lifespan of your printer and ensure optimal performance for all your edible printing needs. Step 1: Keeping the Printhead Healthy The Read More

5 Decoration Tips with Edible Ink for the Baking Professionals

Feb 13,2020

Decoration ideas can make a big difference to your sales and customer satisfaction. Edible ink can be applied in three ways: transferring through edible sheets, using edible marker, and using poppy paints. Icinginks presents 5 decoration tips with edible ink, which you can apply depending upon the consumer’s demand. 1.    Use Edible Designing Software   Like Photoshop and similar software for conventional creative designers, there are edible designing software for baking professionals. Experiment with your creativity and get amazing edible images in no time. While some edible suppliers may ask you to pay for the Read More