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What is the Difference Between Wafer Papers and Frosting Sheets?

Jan 09,2017

While both the edible papers can be printed on with edible ink printers, the question remains which one you should use! Here’s a list of differences between the two kinds of paper to help you decide which one is better suited to your needs and requirements. Cost Comparison Between Wafer Papers & Frosting Sheets One of the foremost things that anyone looks for is the price tag. It has to be affordable because cakes, cupcakes, and cookies should not leave a big fat hole in your pocket. The price of blank printable wafer paper per package starts from $7.99 and the price of frosting sheets per pack starts from $13.99. The edible she Read More

Everything You Need To Know To Print on Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

Jan 04,2017

Want to add patterns, pictures to your chocolate pieces? You can add customized prints on chocolate candy bars, and pralines to turn up the zing a notch. What you need are some quality chocolate transfer sheets and an edible printer. What are Chocolate Transfer Sheets? Have you seen, and hopefully eaten, beautiful tiny chocolates with designs on the top? It’s the magic of edible printable chocolate sheets. Chocolate transfer sheets are transparent acetate sheets that are composed of an edible layer made from cocoa butter with a light dusting of confectioners’ sugar. How Can You Use The Chocolate Transfer Sheets? You can us Read More

How to decorate a cake with Edible Icing and Edible inks?

Dec 30,2016

Cakes are among the things that turn heads at a celebration: the kind that looks so delectable that even dieters are tempted to bite into it.The days of sprinkles and homemade frosting roses are gone. So, what is trending these days? The answer is edible images. Don't you think having an image on the top of a cake is like a dream! Just imagine a wonderful image with a riot of color will be such an eye-catcher for everyone.Having edible image printers is a breakthrough for the baking industry. The options with edible images for bakery items are endless. If you have the right type of printer, edible cartridges, and edible sheets to print your Read More

Edible Ink Cartridges Combo Pack Canon Cli-251XL/ PGI-250XL Series

Dec 28,2016

Do you need a new set of edible ink cartridges for your Canon printer? Icinginks™ Edible cartridges are dairy, gluten, nut-free and FDA Compliant which are made in the USA using high-quality food edible materials under very strict food manufacturing conditions. The ink which is used in our edible cartridges is tested on well-defined parameters ensuring high quality and bright colors. Buy cheap edible ink cartridges for Canon (PGI-250 black, CLI-251Black, CLI-251 cyan, CLI-251 Magenta, CLI-251 Yellow) from Icinginks™ as our products are reliable and cost-effective than any other. This COMBO PACK includes a set of 5 ready to Read More

Which is the Best Edible Printer?

Dec 28,2016

The Icinginks Edible Printer Bundle package offers brilliant printing quality and color so you can create incredibly beautiful cakes using your own images. This bundle includes a Wireless Canon Edible printer PIXMA TS6120 / TS6220 All-in-One edible image printer, a complete set of edible cartridges, and a pack of edible frosting sheets needed to get started in edible printing, whether it is for a home-based or professional bakery.Our edible ink printer is built with such ease of use that even non-professional bakers can easily operate it. In addition to our edible printers and edible cartridges, our bundle package includes softwa Read More

5 Innovative Ways To Use Edible Ink

Dec 14,2016

Your eyes see the food before your tongue tastes it. Food art is a big industry today because, when art and food are combined, the outcome is bound to be a masterpiece. You can enhance the look of your food and make it more personalized with edible ink and edible printer technology. Edible ink can make anything special and beautiful. You can use visuals, images, and quotes to make memories come alive. Edible ink can be used in a plethora of ways. Gingerbread cookies are the golden standard for Christmas cookies. They add the perfect touch of flavors and spices and are favorites for all ages. The best part is that the cookies bake to have a Read More

5 Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Cake

Dec 14,2016

There are just a few days left until Christmas, and you would be remiss to miss the delicious cakes that are an inseparable part of the feast. Our taste buds have always been attracted to cakes, but certain factors make them even more special. Plain cakes are good but edible Christmas decorations on cakes are better. So, here are five unique ways to decorate your cakes this Christmas.1. Chocolate Christmas cake tree –Using a palette knife, spread the royal icing on the cake and it should appear rough rather than neat, with a rippled snow effect. While the icing is still soft, you can place stand up Christmas tree-shaped chocolates tha Read More

5 Surprise Birthday Cakes To Try

Dec 14,2016

We’re kind of excited and this excitement is hard to keep. Guess what? We came up with some nifty ideas for surprise birthday cakes. And thinking of cakes, what can be the best way to surprise someone on their birthday with some type of cakes that are exciting as well as delicious but not mainstream? So let’s keep it short and sweet. We bring you some of the insanely nice ideas for a surprise birthday cake to try.1. Croissant Birthday Cake – You may say that looks can deceive. Trust me, this is an exception. As drool-worthy as it looks, this cake idea is one of a kind. If you are wondering about the surprise, it will be Read More

Edible Printer Bundle System

Dec 02,2016

There was a time when only professional bakeries could afford the technology to create edible images. Now even beginners can create beautiful custom designed edible image cakes in a short time using our specially designed Edible Printer Bundle System.Icinginks™ is now offering Edible ink printers at very low price, easily affordable for all beginners and professionals.Are you looking for a new edible printer? Icinginks™ has got a variety of edible ink compatible printers to personalize your cake from beginner to professional level. We have got the best photo cake edible printers at 50% low prices than the market. Our edible printe Read More