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GREY Color Icinginks™ Edible Ink Refill Bottle for Canon Edible Printers, 100ml or 3.38OZ



4-6 Refills

Inkjet Syringe

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  • This supreme 100ml or 3.38OZ grey color edible ink refill bottle for Canon edible printers has made edible sheet printing more affordable than ever before.
  • The refill bottle is sufficient to fill up to (6-7) edible ink cartridges. The edible ink produces high resolution images in all digital formats you may need to serve different purposes. Create impressive prints on cakes, cookies, icing sheets, frosting sheets, fondant paper, wafer paper and chocolate transfers.
  • A step-by-step instruction manual is offered along with the refill bottle to help you easily refill your ink cartridges. Remember to order injector syringes as well when you are placing an order for refill kits, unless you already have the syringes. You can buy them under the Refill Accessories Category Section.
  • Icinginks™ uses premium quality food grade products for the production of edible ink. The Icinginks edible ink refill bottles offer Kosher Parve and FDA compliant inks only.

Product Highlights:

  • Model: Edible-100-GY
  • Quantity (Volume): 100ml/3.38oz (Refill 6 to 7 edible ink cartridges)
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 6"x6"x6"
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs

Tips for Optimum Quality and Productivity: How It Works

At Icinginks, we believe in creating edible images is an art and science both. We take care of the scientific aspects by formulating edible ink refills of high quality while leaving the artistic job for you. However, exercising some professional etiquettes you can make a difference to the print quality and ensure the longevity of your edible printer.

How can I know that my Canon ink cartridge needs a refill? Observe the ink holding sponge. If it has gone completely dry, it means that the cartridge is empty. How to refill? Uninstall the cartridge from the printer and safely place it on a desk. Use the injector syringe to refill the ink. Always go with separate injectors for different colors.

How much ink should I refill in the cartridge? A small cartridge has an ink capacity of 7-10 ml while its large counterpart has up to 15 ml. Therefore, a 100 ml refill bottle fills 10 to 14 edible small ink cartridges or 6 to 7 large cartridges. Attention! Avoid overfilling a cartridge as it may cause leakage. 

How many times shall I use my edible ink cartridge? For the best result, it’s advisable to use a cartridge only for 3-4 times. Over usage of the same cartridge may ruin the quality of your edible image.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Do not refill your edible cartridge with regular ink. Nor shall you put edible ink in a regular cartridge. Regular ink is not meant for consumption, and it’s mixing with edible one would in any manner denatures the quality of the latter as well.

What if I mix Icinginks ink refill with that of any other brand? You should not do so. A difference in their formulation may trigger the formation of different molecules. For the best results, purchase our brand-new complete set of edible cartridges mentioned below in Related products to avoid any type of issue.

MOST IMPORTANT: Use these food coloring inks with inkjet printers for bakery and decoration purposes. They should not be consumed directly. Keep these inks away from the rich of children. Use gloves for safe and clean refilling.



  • Isabel Scott

    Pretty affordable and high quality product. Going to buy this again.

  • Iris

    The edible ink refills at Icinginks are the best quality. They work on almost all types of cakes and ensure that the image is not ruined even for a bit. Totally Worth the price!

Product Details

Model Edible-100-GY
(L x W x H) 6"x6"x6"
Weight 0.6lbs

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