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Inkjet Cartridge Refill Injector Syringe Single Unit, Standard 10 ml Edible Refilling Syringe for Small and Large Edible Cartridges



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  • ICINGINKS CARTRIDGE REFILL INJECTOR SYRINGE - This 10 ML Edible Refilling Injector From Icinginks Helps You To Easily And Precisely Refill Your Edible Cartridge With Edible Ink Of Your Choice. Avoid Ink Wastage and Save Time.
  • COST EFFECTIVE CHOICE - No Need To Buy A New Edible Cartridge Or Visit Any Shop For Refilling Ink Every Time. Save Money On The Recurring Purchases Of Edible Cartridges Without Sacrificing Your Edible Decoration Quality.
  • EASY TO USE - The Cartridge Refill Injector Has A Chamber Equipped With A Smooth-Moving Piston To Push The Ink Forward. Refilling The Printer Cartridges With The Injector Syringe Is As Simple And Easy As 1,2,3… Fill The Chamber With Edible Color And Gently Inject It Into The Color Cartridge Of Your Choice.
  • MORE CONTROL - This Inkjet Cartridge Refill Injector Has A Translucent (Allows You To See Inside) Volume Graduated Cylindrical Chamber That Gives You More Control. Push The Required Amount Of Ink As Per The Capacity Of The Cartridge.
  • STANDARD SIZE - The Standard Size Of This Edible Cartridge Refill Syringe Is 10 Ml. Remember to fill 10ml ink in CLI 281/271 edible cartridges and use 12-15 ml ink for PGI 281/271 edible cartridges. Another golden rule is to under-fill than the given ratio than overfill the cartridges for the best results.
  • WARRANTY - Stay confident about your purchase because this Icinginks Inkjet Cartridge Refill Injector Syringe comes with a 30-days refund policy and a 1-year warranty. If it doesn’t serve your expectation well or develop any mechanical issues, seek refund, replacement, or other support as per the policy.
  • SUPPORT/HOW TO USE - Icinginks support team stands by you to help you properly use your inkjet refill cartridge syringe. Read the instructions here in detail on How To Refill Edible Ink Cartridges - https://www.icinginks.com/blog/2017/03/21/how-to-refill-edible-ink-cartridges

Make Edible Decoration Cost Effective with Icinginks 10 ML Cartridge Refill Injector Syringe

Buying a new XL size edible ink cartridge costs around $15. It has a storage capacity of 14 ml, but for optimum performance and avoid leakage, 10 ml ink is filled only. That means the volume of the refill injector is enough to fill it up.

Instead of going for a new cartridge every time, use this refill injector syringe to fill your empty cartridge, and save money. You can re-use cartridges three to four times ensuring the best outcomes. FDA-certified edible ink refill of 100 ml or 3.5 OZ at Icinginks costs around $15.99. 100 ml volume is sufficient to refill your cartridge for 10 times. Roughly, if you spend the cost of one cartridge on the edible ink itself, you save the cost of 9 more large size cartridges. And, the cartridge injector syringe helps you make 100 percent use of your refill ink. It stops any spillage or leakage and makes your job easier as well.

You can use this high-quality injector syringe time and again. On the long run, the sum you spent ($1.99) on buying the cartridge syringe go negligible.
Icinginks inkjet cartridge refill injector syringes are made of highly quality materials that do not develop crack or spot.

How To Refill Edible Ink Cartridges Using the Injector Syringe?

1. Locate the refill port on the top of the edible cartridge. It appears like a rounded oval shape silicone rubber plug.
2. Remove the silicon rubber plug from the refill port.
3. Take a clean injector syringe and suck the ink through its injector nozzle.
4. Refill the edible ink cartridge slowly by injecting the syringe through the refill port.
5. Once you start refilling the edible ink in the empty chamber side of the cartridge, you will find the edible ink automatically starts flowing in the sponge side. Wait a little bit until ink transfers to sponge side and then again refill the ink chamber.
6. Keep your cartridge underfill to avoid any ink leakage
7. Keep the filled cartridge on a shelf for 5-10 hours to re-settle the ink and to avoid any leakage.

How To Clean Your Cartridge Injector Syringe?

After use, just rinse it with warm water two to three times to get rid of any residual ink. The translucent surface helps you easily spot any strains.

Try to use separate syringe for different edible ink colors.

Do not let the syringe unwashed after use as the residual might clog the needle.

Product Details

Model Syringe-1pk
(L x W x H) 6"x6"x6"
Weight 0.25lbs

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