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Keep It Warm (Thermal Packaging) – To protect against freezing

Protects from

Freezing Temperatures

1 Unit

Saves 2 Packs

Used for

Edible Papers
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  • Keep it Warm packaging can save edible papers from cracking or frost bite due to extreme cold weather.
  • One pack of keep it cool can accommodate 2 packs of edible sheets
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We highly recommended to add this item to your order if you are shipping to cold or freezing climates such as frosting sheets (to prevent frost bite which causes cracking), chocolate transfer sheets (to prevent the cocoa butter on the sheets ?from freezing and causing spotting on the surface) and fondant (to prevent from frost bite which can cause extreme dry patches) . This item includes 1 Warm pack which can accomodate any 2 packs of Edible Paper approx 50 sheets per one Keep It Warm pack . If you are ordering 2 packs of Edible sheets add 1 Keep It Warm pack and if you ordering 4 packs of edible sheets add 2 packs of Keep It Warm and so on.

*Please note that this packaging is intended to help prevent your sheets and other edible items ?from freezing during shipping in extreme cold for limited periods of time. It is not guaranteed to prevent freezing if exposed to excessive cold for prolonged periods.




  • Lily

    It keeps the frosting sheets warm enough in extreme winters. I can store them in it without any worries.

Product Details

Model Keep-Warm
(L x W x H) 6"x6"x6"
Weight 0.25lbs

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