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Icinginks™ Prime Blank Edible Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size - 100 sheets 0.40mm thickness




8.5" X 11"

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  • These delectable high-end prime blank wafer sheets are perfect for decorating your DIY cake! You can create amazing edible images, designs, and various shapes to enhance the look of your cake. The edible wafer sheets by Icinginks are simple to use and preserve the natural flavor of the cake or dessert.

  • EDIBLE WAFER PAPER OF PREMIUM QUALITY: Perfect for dessert decoration. With Icinginks' easy-to-use and high-quality edible wafer sheet, you can make stunning DIY cakes and design them anyway you want. These wafer sheets can be used with cookies, cupcake toppers, fondant, and other materials. These premium blank edible wafer papers work with all edible image printers in the United States and other countries.

  • LETTER SIZE: With the ideal printing size, it will easily fit on your cake. Each bundle contains 100 prime blank edible wafer sheets measuring 8.5" × 11" and measuring 0.40 mm in thickness. Printing Prime Blank wafer paper is used to create flowers other decorative items, and support pieces for sculpted cakes, as well as to print edible designs for baked items.

  • NATURAL PRIME BLANK EDIBLE WAFER SHEETS: There are no hazardous components in this product! These edible wafer sheets are 100% guaranteed natural and made strictly in accordance with the high production standards of the United States. Potato starch and vegetable oil are used to make these wafer sheets. They don't have any artificial substances or preservatives.

  • FDA COMPLIANT AND KOSHER CERTIFIED: Orthodox Union has certified the Edible Wafer Sheets as Kosher and FDA approved. They're also free of all allergens, gluten-free ingredients, and nuts.

  • DESIGN ATTRACTIVE AND VIBRANT IMAGES: To create your edible image, use our Photo Editing Software. You'll have free limited access to the software for three months. You can trim, resize, and add text to photographs, as well as add clipart, image effects, and more. You'll also get lifelong access to free Photo Editing software, which lets you edit your photos with a variety of photo editing tools and effects.

  • PERFECT FOR JELL-O AND FRUIT CAKE: Use these edible wafer sheets on Jell-O desserts, fruit cakes, and gelatin desserts. While the wafer paper will sit straight on top of your frosting, it will dissolve in water, so be careful!

With these fantastic blank wafer sheets, you may create gorgeous cake patterns and decorate your DIY cake. These edible wafer papers can be used with any edible printer to print any image, shape, design, or other objects. Cookies, buttercream, fondant icing, cupcakes, cake toppers, and cream, these edible wafer sheets can be used on all of them!

Use Prime Blank Edible Wafer Sheets in Multiple Ways:

  • Fondant: To apply edible wafer paper to a fondant cake, use corn syrup or piping gel on the back of the wafer paper or on the cake itself. Then, on top of that, glue the wafer paper.
  • Cookies: Start with a chocolate, royal icing, fondant, or candy clay-covered cookie to apply the edible wafer sheet. Brush the wafer paper with a small layer of piping gel or corn syrup before pressing it onto the cookie. Carefully press the delicious wafer paper into place. Keep in mind that the margins must be secure.
  • Cakes: Place the printed edible wafer sheet on the cake's top side. From the centre to the edges, smooth the wafer paper outward. This will ensure a good seal and prevent any bubbles from forming. The cake may be considered done at this point. You can add a lovely piped border if you wish.
  • Buttercream: To adhere the edible wafer paper to the buttercream-covered treat, press it straight onto the frosting. Assume that the buttercream has hardened to the point of no longer being sticky. In that case, you may need to reattach the tops to the cupcakes with new buttercream.

Each box contains 100 edible wafer sheets (1000 total in a ten pack). These edible wafer sheets can easily printed with edible image printers and edible cartridges. Each edible prime blank wafer sheet has a thickness of 0.40 mm.

The Orthodox Union has certified this product as Kosher FDA-approved. The prime blank edible wafer sheets are gluten-free, nut-free, and allergen-free.

Icinginks edible blank premium wafer sheets can be stored for up to 12 months in zip lock bags.

How To Use: Place the content under this tab, "How It Works."

Wafer or Rice papers have a similar appearance to ordinary paper and icing sheets, but they do not have a backing. Because there is no backing, peeling them off does not require much effort. Another significant distinction is that the wafer papers, unlike the frosting sheets, do not dissolve in the icing. They can be used on a variety of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, fondant, blown sugar, and other confections.

Step 1: Using an edible printer, print the wafer sheets.

Step 2: Using a thin mist of water, moisten the back of the wafer paper.

Step 3: Spread the mixture on the specified meal surface.

Pro Tip: Apply the prime blank wafer paper to the object shortly before the presentation time or the event to ensure the edible wafer paper doesn't absorb too much icing.

Easy to Use with Edible Printers:

Place the wafer sheet in your printer like ordinary paper and print whatever image you like with Icinginks edible ink. After printing, let the wafer sheet to dry. As cake toppings, they can be utilized with rolled fondant, chocolate candy, or Royal Icing.

What are the benefits of using Prime Blank Wafer Sheets?

  • There is no backing paper included.
  • Even when put on wet icing, wafer paper tends to curl! However, we recommend waiting until the buttercream goes firm before applying the wafer paper.

STORAGE: KEEP THE WAFER PAPER AWAY FROM HEAT. It should be kept dry and at room temperature to avoid fading the edible ink colours due to humidity and sunlight. Enclose printed edible wafer paper in an airtight plastic bag or container when not in us!


  • Nelson Harris

    It was a perfect addition to my grandson's birthday cake. Wonderful quality. It was delivered quickly and in perfect condition. The instructions are clear so my cake came out adorable. My grandson loved it! Would definitely order from here again & again.

  • Marc Johnson

    I bought these wafer sheets to create petals, feathers and ruffles for cake decorations. The decoration sits straight up on top of the cake’s icing smoothly. Also, I got the product in a timely. I’ll highly recommend this product to all.

  • Stanley Taylor

    This wafer sheet helps me to create the most elegant and dainty cake decorations. I lightly sprayed the sheets with an airbrush and layer them with a topcoat of luster for depth. Don't worry if the paper crinkles slightly, this will simply enhance the realistic look of the paper, especially if you're creating flowers. Overall I’m super happy with these wafer sheets. Thanks!

  • Roger Martin

    Recently I’ve ordered this edible wafer paper for my daughter’s birthday party. It’s quite easy to cut them easily into any desired shape or design. The decoration sits straight up on top of the cake’s icing easily. Very satisfied with this product! I’ll highly recommend this product to all.

  • Lucas White

    Best edible wafer paper for custom printing! I own a bakery, and I’ve tried many edible papers for cakes and this one beats them all. It blends perfectly with the cake, can be easily trimmed, and the image printed looks great! My customers loved the custom-printed cookies and cakes! Thanks for providing such amazing edible sheets. I would highly recommend this product.

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Model Wafer-0.40-100
(L x W x H) 12"x11"x1"
Weight 2lbs

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