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Icinginks™ Prime Blank Edible THICK Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size - 100 sheets 0.60mm thickness


Wafer Sheets



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  • The pack has 100 sheets with each having a printable area of 8.5” X 11” (A4 size). These blank edible thick wafer sheets, popularly referred to as rice papers, from Icinginks are 100% natural. The ingredients include potato starch, water, and vegetable oil.
  • The use of our natural wafer paper is versatile. The wafer sheet is ideal for printing edible images, cake toppers, and cupcake toppers, printing bold and organic shapes with little details such as flower wallpaper, leaves, feathers, clip arts and geometrical shapes. For the best results print your Wafer sheets with Icinginks™ Edible printers. Printed wafer paper later transfer edible images onto baked items as well as formed into flowers, or as support pieces for sculpted cakes. Decorations made from wafer paper will sit straight up on the top of your icing.
  • Translate your creative ideas regarding picture cakes, logo cookies, cupcake toppers, edible flower, leaves decorations into a reality. The stiffness and thickness (0.60 mm) can retain any of your dream design patterns – simple to complex.
  • Our edible wafer papers are allergen-free, gluten-free and nut-free. What does that relate to one’s health? The wafer sheet doesn’t transfer any milk protein which triggers an allergic response in persons have allergy with the same.
  • This translucent paper makes the best choice for bakers to use it for edible cake flower decorations using our Airbrush equipment and Airbrush spray colors.
  • Unlike our frosting and icing sheets, these edible wafer papers do not have any peel-off backing. It is really very easy to cut them into any desired shape or design.
  • Wafer paper dissolves in water only, so it is used commonly on Jell-O desserts, fruit cakes and for gelatin transfers.

Below are the usage and package details of Wafer paper :

Size of Wafer Sheet     : 8.5" x 11" (letter size)
Usage                         : Print on the rough side of the paper
Thickness                   : approx. 0.60mm
Content                       : 100 sheets per pack
Packaging                   : Re-sealable zip-lock bag , Cardboard box
Shelf life                      : 12 months + if properly sealed in zip-lock bag.

These high-quality wafer sheets are incredibly versatile and fun to work with. Once you get a feel for working with them, you'll want to use them on everything you prepare – for customers or family.

Consumers often want themed custom decoration for every occasion from birthday to wedding anniversary to work anniversary, and beyond. And, when your consumers are kids, fulfilling their demands can be more daunting. But Icinginks helps you to stay up to everyone’s expectations by creating Insta-worthy edible image designs.

Whether you want to use the edible design patterns as motifs or as an all-over covering, Icinginks Prime Blank Thick Edible Wafer Sheets are the perfect confectionary decorative assets.

Drive sales by not just impressing customers with awe-inspiring designer bakery products but also by caring for their smile with natural edible wafer sheets.

If you are an existing customer of Icinginks and have used these thick edible wafer sheets for decorating your edibles, your experience below writing a review. It helps others like you.



  • Nolan Wright

    This wafer paper helps my cake decorations sit smoothly straight up on top of the icing! This pack of edible wafer papers is the best quality wafer paper I’ve ever used! Thanks, Icinginks for providing natural wafer papers that are allergen, gluten, and nut-free.

  • Nickolas Martin

    With these high-quality natural wafer sheets, I could print bold and organic shapes on the cupcakes for my kids. Also, these sheets are easy to cut and allergen-free. So, these were the best wafer sheets I’ve purchased so far. Thanks, Icinginks!

  • Roger Martin

    These wafer sheets have a smooth white surface which results in vivid color prints! It made a big difference to the cake decoration, cake toppers, cookies, and other bakery products I prepare for my clients. Also, the price is very decent. I’ll definitely recommend this product.

  • Keith Miles

    I have tried wafer sheets from many edible suppliers and can confidently say this is the best one for creating awe-inspiring cakes and cookies.

  • Ellen

    Thanks to Icinginks for facilitating natural wafer papers that are allergen, gluten and nut free. My bakery items with edible flower or other images over them are high in demand.

Product Details

Model Edible-Wafer-Thick
(L x W x H) 14"x13"x3.5"
Weight 4lbs

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