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Icinginks™ Prime Blank Edible THICK Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size - 50 sheets 0.60mm thickness


Wafer Sheets



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  • This pack includes 50 Prime Blank THICK Wafer sheets size (8.5" X 11")
  • Thickness of each sheet approx 0.60mm
  • 100% Natural Made From Potato Starch and Vegetable Oil
  • Blank Wafer Sheets Allergen, Gluten, Nut free & Kosher Product
  • Uses: Picture Cakes, Logo Cookies, Cupcake Toppers, Edible Flower, Leaves Decorations

This pack includes 50 Prime Blank THICK Wafer sheets (8.5" X 11") A4 size 0.60mm thickness. Wafer paper is commonly known as rice paper, our wafer paper is 100% natural and made from potato starch, water, and vegetable oil. Icinginks™ sells the very high quality of wafer paper ideal for printing edible images, cake toppers, and cupcake toppers, printing bold and organic shapes with little details such as flower wallpaper, leaves, feathers, clip arts and geometrical shapes. For the best results print your Wafer sheets with Icinginks™ Edible printers. Printed wafer paper later transfer edible images onto baked items as well as formed into flowers, or as support pieces for sculpted cakes.

Wafer paper is an allergen, gluten and nut free. Also, this item is kosher, FDA compliant made from natural ingredients. Wafer paper is stiffer than frosting sheets, a slight translucent paper that makes the best choice for bakers to use it for edible cake flower decorations using our Airbrush equipment and Airbrush spray colors. Unlike our frosting and icing sheets, these edible wafer papers do not have any peel-off backing. It is really very easy to cut them into any desired shape or design.

Decorations made from Wafer paper will sit straight up on top of your icing. Wafer paper dissolves in water only, so it is used commonly on Jell-O desserts, fruit cakes and for gelatin transfers.

Below are the usage and package details of Wafer paper :

Size of Wafer Sheet : 8.5" x 11" (letter size)
Usage                         : Print on the rough side of the paper
Thickness                    :  approx. 0.60mm
Content                      : 50 sheets per pack
Packaging                   : Resealable zip-lock bag , Cardboard box
Shelf life                      : 12 months + if properly sealed in zip-lock bag.





  • Gavin Baker

    The wafer sheet is great for printing edible images, cake toppers, and cupcake toppers! I have made beautiful butterflies with this stuff. The sheets are exactly according to the specifications, arrived undamaged. I will definitely use Icinginks again.

  • Jaydon

    Using these edible wafer sheets doesn’t demand any special expertise. As I’m not a professional baker, these sheets are very helpful for me. This product leaves bold and organic shapes with little details such as flowers and leaves on my cake. Happy with my purchase. The product quality is as good as expected. I’ll definitely recommend this product.

  • Julien Scott

    The sheet was amazing! I got my order really fast. Thanks for the timely service. It helped me to make Jell-O desserts, fruit cakes. I will definitely use Icinginks again.

  • Clifford Harris

    It’s the top-notch quality wafer paper with no peel-off backing. I can easily cut out any design pattern – simple to complex. In no time you can shape your imagination.

  • Thomas Lindgrey

    I like the quality of Icinginks wafer sheets. They are really thick and serve the purpose really well.

Product Details

Model Edible-Wafer-TK50
(L x W x H) 14"x10"x3"
Weight 2lbs

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