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Icinginks™ Prime Clear Edible Frosting Sheets (8.5”X11") Pack - 24 sheets US Letter Size



Edible Sheets

8.5" X 11"

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  • The Best Selling & Most Innovative Edible Frosting Sheets That Work Wonders For Cake Decoration. In the bakery world, this is the most preferred edible sheet. Icinginks Clear Edible Paper makes it easy to make theme-based cakes.

  • VERY CLEAR EDIBLE FROSTING SHEETS: These sheets provide high-quality, crisp and vivid edible images and are completely transparent with only 0.08-0.1mm thickness.

  • SIZE A4: Your cake deserves the best fit! Give your cake the best fit! The clear edible frosting sheets come in a pack of 24 letter size (8.5"x11") sheets for edible image printing. The images are printed on clear sheets, making them visually appealing, as the sheets are completely transparent.

  • BEST CLEAR EDIBLE FROSTING SHEETS: Make a statement with amazing clear frosting sheets. This prime clear edible frosting sheet is ideal for use with isomalt, lollipops, candy, cookies, buttercream, fondant, and royal icing. We recommend that you print toppers for beverages, cocktails, and hot drinks. These sheets can also create magical clear lace by mixing with a small amount of water.

  • EASY TO USE: Just snap your fingers! Transparent frosting papers can be cut with electronic cutters like Cricut, Silhouette, Cookie punchers and regular knives or scissors. The backing on your printed sheet can easily be peeled off after it has been cut.

  • FLEXIBILITY: It is easy to wrap the clear edible frosting sheets around the walls or tiers of cakes, because they are flexible up to a certain extent.

Introducing the thinnest and crystal Clear Edible Frosting Sheets That Works Like Wonders for Cake Decoration.

The most preferred edible sheet in the bakery world. Baking a theme-based cake is an easy-peasy task with Icinginks Clear Edible Paper.

Our brand NEW CLEAR TRANSPARENT ULTRA THIN edible frosting sheets of high-quality edible paper at a reasonable price with each sheet thickness of only 0.08-0.1mm. These see-through fantastic clear edible sheets are the bestselling edible frosting papers in the USA. These sheets are designed to print toppers cakes, cookies, beverages, cocktails, and hot and cold drinks. It is ideal for use with isomalt, lollipops, buttercream, royal icing, fondant cake toppers, cocktail or drinks toppers. Print fine details such as cartoon characters, company logos, flowers, and various other edible decorations using these completely transparent frosting sheets. With transparent clear sheets, the drink toppers look best as the drink is visible underneath.
Cakes, cookies, and foam-based cocktails or drinks can be adorned with edible images printed on Icinginks Edible Frosting Sheets.
All of Icinginks' edible image printers can print stunning images on the clear frosting sheets for cakes. For the best results and clear crisp edible images use edible inks and cartridges from Icinginks to print on these transparent edible sugar sheets.
One pack of clear edible sheets contains 24 frosting sheets which can be used easily and conveniently with all brands of edible image printers and edible cartridges not only from the U.S but from any other country brand edible printers as well.
These sheets contain no nuts, gluten, or allergens, and are perfectly safe for consumption. The ingredients of clear frosting sheets are FDA compliant.
If stored in airtight zip lock bags, Icinginks edible sugar sheets have a shelf life of 12-24 months.

How To Use:

Be sure not to remove the plastic backing before printing. Place the frosting sheet for the cake into the printer with the frosting side up. Keep the printed sheet at room temperature for 10-15 minutes to dry.
After baking, allow your cake, dessert, or cookie to cool. Then coat it with cream, fondant, or marzipan as per your liking. Remove the backing from the edible sugar sheet.
Using the table top's sharp edge, slowly roll the image from the corners towards the center, releasing the image from the backing sheet.
Ensure that the icing is moist when placing the image over the iced cake. As icing is moist, the image will blend seamlessly with the cake, making it a stunning topper.

Important Tips:

Do not remove the plastic backing before printing.
After printing on frosting sheet if you are unable to remove the edible image from the backing paper follow the tips:
In case the plastic backing does not come off due to humid/moisture weather
Use a blower-type Hairdryer (or any other hot air supply) on the reverse side of the backing sheet on high hot for 30-40 seconds.
In case the frosting sheet appears to be dry or brittle & plastic backing does not come off
Hold the frosting sheets over a pot of steaming water so the steam can touch the reverse side of the plastic backing for a few seconds.
DO NOT REFRIGERATE. This may dry out the icing sheets and cause them to crack.
Simply keep the frosting sheets stored flat in the original white cardboard box within the silver bag sealed tightly inside the zip-lock bag in a cool and dry place. Keep out of direct light, Exposure to heat and light may affect the quality of your print. When printing with the frosting pages, plan ahead of time and then store them in a big, Ziploc bag.

The printed icing sheet will last at least 6 months if stored correctly. Over time, you may find the color fades and the sheets become slightly firmer.

Product Details

Model Icing-CL-Reg
(L x W x H) 12"x11"x1"
Weight 2lbs

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