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Icinginks™ Cyan Edible Cleaning Ink Cartridge for Canon CLI-251XL With Chip



Edible Cartridge

Ink Volume

High Capacity
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  • This item contains Icinginks™ Cleaning Edible Ink Cartridge CLI-251XL Cyan Color
  • Filled with a specialized, food grade edible cleaning solution.
  • It helps in cleaning deeply clog printhead.
  • It will clean the printhead up to 20-30 times before it reaches the empty ink levels.
  • FDA compliant, Kosher certified cleaner.

This item includes

1 x Icinginks™ Cleaning Edible Ink Cartridge CLI-251XL Cyan

Icinginks edible cleaning cartridges are filled with a specialized, food grade edible cleaning solution which helps to clean deeply clogged printheads that may be clogged due to non-use of your printer. Edible Ink cartridges are water based cartridges which include sugar and food colors. If you leave the printer idle for a long time, ink from your edible cartridges may evaporate slightly and slowly jam your printer's printheads.  

Why do printheads clog?

1.) Non-use of the printer for a long time.
2.) Leaving your printer idle with installed edible ink cartridges.

Symptoms of clogged printheads

1.) Vertical or horizontal lines on every sheet you print.
2.) Missing colors or colors are not true. 
3.) Printing blank sheets 

To unclog your printhead and get seamless printing results Icinginks offers a premium quality edible ink cleaning cartridges. You can install a set of cleaning cartridges and run an internal printer feature called "cleaning and deep cleaning". To perform cleaning go to Printer Properties > Maintenance > Cleaning. You may need to do this a couple of times and after that print a few pages to get the cleaning liquid to run through the printer. Following this procedure, your printhead remains always like new and it keeps the nozzles clear which will jet true colors for your edible images.

After you perform cleaning using our cleaning cartridges, install your regular Icinginks edible ink cartridges and start your edible printing. 

Product Specifications -

Colors                    - Cyan
Mirco Chip              - Yes
FDA Compliant       - Yes
Shelf Life               - 12 months+
Ink Volume            - High Capacity

Compatible Printers : Canon PIXMA MG5650 Canon PIXMA MG5450 Canon PIXMA MG5550 Canon PIXMA MG5422 Canon PIXMA MG5420 Canon PIXMA MG5522 Canon PIXMA MG5520 Canon PIXMA iX6820 Canon PIXMA MX922 Canon PIXMA MX722 Canon Pixma MG7520 Canon PIXMA MG7120 Canon Pixma MG6620 Canon PIXMA MG6420 Canon PIXMA MG6320 Canon PIXMA MG5620 Canon PIXMA iP8720 Canon PIXMA iP7220

Dont's -
1.) Edible inks are designed to use only with printers not to be consumed/ swallowed directly.
2.) Do not buy cleaning cartridges which do not list them as "food grade". Icinginks sells only food grade edible cleaning solution cartridges.

Instructions - Read more instructions on how to use cleaning cartridges on our blog:


  • Walter Scott

    This cartridge will help maintain the printer from clogs. Offers best color and pretty affordable

Product Details

Model Cleaner-Cyan-251
(L x W x H) 8"x4"x1"
Weight 0.5lbs

Ingredients: Water, Humectant: E422, Acidifier: E330, Preserver: E202.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION FOR 100G OF PRODUCT: Energy (kj) 258,15, Energy (kcal) 61,58; Total
fat (g) 0,01; Saturated fatty (g) 0,01; Carbohydrate (g) 14,00; Sugars 0,00; Protein 0,00; Salt 0,00. Cont. Al
(g) 0,00.

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